The wheatgrass buzz

I started seeing those green grassy plants at the gym’s juice bar last year. But I have never been tempted to try it.

Lately, my cousin has been posting his wheatgrass babies on Facebook. He even created a Facebook page solely dedicated to the green juice.

So what’s in wheatgrass? Why is it becoming such a hit among health buffs?

Wheatgrass is the young plant of the common wheat. Though there are a lot of commercially available finished products, more and more wheatgrass enthusiasts are cultivating the plant in their own homes.

Its juice is squeezed out with a juicer and often taken pure. Others prefer it mixed into a shake. The pure juice tastes like “grass – bitter, fresh grass,” as one friend put it.

That definitely did not make me a convert.

The supposed health benefits, however, outweigh the, uhmmm, taste…Rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, wheatgrass juice is claimed to be a powerful nutritional supplement. It also works as a colon cleanser, a great choice for those who believe in detox methods. Other claimed benefits of wheatgrass are blood pressure regulation and improved gastrointestinal health. Other more radical claims are neutralization of tumor growth, ย and improvement of sleep by placing “a tray of living wheatgrass near the head of your bed“.

I’ve always been wary of cure-all claims. And the wheatgrass is no exception. Let’s always remember that there is little probability that one plant will solve all our health problems.

A healthy, sickness-free life is the result of eating healthy choices (with or without wheatgrass – up to you), regular exercise and relaxation, quitting vices, and yes, good genes.

Okay, am half-convinced. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the wheatgrass juice. Maybe.

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6 thoughts on “The wheatgrass buzz

  1. well i’ve tasted those in the cans and they are fine for me –used to have them in brunei.. but i don’t know about this pure green juice .. hmmm? don’t really know.. why don’t you drink it first and let me know ey ๐Ÿ˜‰ it reminds me of the craze ampalaya juice..

  2. Well, yeah, any diet supplement should be complemented with exercise. But I like this wheatgrass drink and I prefer the cold concoction. I won a box of wheatgrass honey in a Christmas raffle last year, and so far yeah, it has made my bowel movement more regular. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We drink wheatgrass juice in powdered form every morning. Empty stomach… I’m not having acidic stomach for quite some time…

  4. There’s so many cool things you can add to it if you happen to not like the taste. Even just different fruit will make awesome. The benefits of a regular system far outweigh the sometimes “interesting” taste anyway.

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