The Sweetest Love

It’s the Love Month. And what better way to celebrate it than to feature my most precious collection of newborn photos of my children, the loves of my life. I am also posting this as my February entry on MomExchange. It’s been a while since I last looked up my girls’ baby photos, so this was a refreshing and sentimental exercise for me.

All quotes were taken from the book Thoughts on Being a Mother by Helen Exley.


No one understands how someone so little can so change the world – until they hold their baby in their arms. (Pam Brown) Patchy, a few days after birth

She looked up at me. Recognition, a memory of two souls. She relaxed. The crying stopped. Her eyes melted through me, forging a connection in me with their soft heat. I felt her love power stir in my heart. (Shirley MacLaine)

VGood, a few hours after birth, only weighed 1.9 kilos.

To bring a new being into this world, to see its tiny perfection and to dream of its future greatness is the most moving of all experiences… (Indira Gandhi)

Magnate, at the hospital nursery hours after birth

She is yours to hold in your cupped hands,
to guard and to guide.
Give her your strength and wisdom and all the good that life can offer.

Yours is a sacred trust. (Michele Guiness)

5 thoughts on “The Sweetest Love

  1. Happy Hearts Day!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Expressing your love and joy for having your children is a true blessing to be proud of.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier.

  2. chats,

    first, you have an adorable baby and second, you are a pretty mom.

    thanks for sharing these pictures.

  3. oh, so cute and so lovely! thanks for sharing your photos. they grow so fast, let’s savor each passing day with them, and tuck the memories in our hearts. happy valentine’s day,

  4. Your kids are sooo adorable! I just love the smell of newborn babies, especially their mouths. I am also too scared to cradle them, I fear I might break them cause they look so tender.

    Happy Hearts Day Chateau!

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