The Subic Weekend (Part 1)

After being postponed twice due to hub’s busy schedule, the Subic weekend (to celebrate Nate’s and VGood’s birthdays, and our anniversary) finally happened.

It was a lovely, sunny day to travel. The skies were glorious-blue.

We took the SCTEx (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway), dubbed as the longest expressway in the country. The SCTEx did not fail to impress hub and me. The ride was so smooth and scenic, it was like taking a road trip in another country. It’s awesome – how this world-class highway was carved in the middle of nowhere, at certain points cutting through small hills.

We paid Php112 for using the SCTEx, on top of the NLEX toll fee of Php174 from Balintawak to Sta. Ines. The expresways’ values are priceless, compared to enduring traffic, bumpy roads and reckless drivers at Dinalupihan. Agree?

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The ride was so smooth, we forgot about the speed limits – a sleepy rate of 60-100 kph only. At one point, hub reached 160 kph. We were surprised when the highway police flagged us down at the toll gate (Subic Exit).

HP: Ser, pakitabi lang po.

Hub (to me): Naku, nag speeding tayo. Umabot ako ng 160 kanina eh.

Me (glaring at hub): huh??

HP: Ser, nag over-speeding po kayo. May speed limit po tayo na 60-100 dito. Umabot kayo ng 127.

Hub: Naku, pasensiya na ho. Hindi ko namalayan, ang ganda ho kasi ng daan eh.

HP: Patingin na lang muna ng lisensiya niyo.

Hub (*kamot-ulo*, *kalkal-wallet*, *bigay-license*): Eh, pasensiya na talaga ho. Pano ho ba tutubusin ang license?

HP: Dito po sa Region 3 office ng LTO. After 3 working days.

Hub (*pinipilit na manatiling kalmado*): Eh kasi ho, magbabaksyon lang sana kami ng weekend. Taga-Manila ho kami. Eh ang laking abala kung after three days ko pa balikan. Okay lang naman sa akin ma-ticketan. Pero yung pagtubos ang problema ko. Mahal na yung gas at toll, may trabaho pa ako. Kung pwede ho, sana huwag nyo nalang kami ticketan.

HP: Sige, warning na lang muna ang ibibigay ko sa inyo. Sa susunod, ingat na lang ho, at i-observe niyo ang speed limits.

Hub (nakangiti na): Salamat ha! Sobrang ganda ho talaga kasi ng daan eh, napabilis kami.

HP: Sige, ser. Ingat!

Whew! All the while I was holding my breath and keeping myself from butting in. This precious lesson – shutting up and letting hub do the talking – I learned last year, around the same time, and the same place: Subic!

You know how traffic rules are observed to the dot in Subic?

Well, last year, we came for our first Subic weekend getaway. While hub and I were arguing over where to have lunch, we failed to come to a full stop at a “STOP” sign. Almost immediately, a fat-bellied crocodile-lookalike police (with Salonga for a last name, I still remember him… I took his photo pa nga eh, while extorting Php500 from hub) approaches us. To cut the story short, I butted in and did my yadayadayada.
Though Salonga did not give us a ticket, he drove away with Php500 lunch money. I know, it’s bad to give in. But for hub, it was either pay the ‘tong or come back after 3 days to pay the fine. Ugh. That Salonga sucks big time, eh? He almost ruined our vacation…

Anyway, I’ve got to go and get ready to pick up the kids from school. More Subic stories and photos later!


Ooops, what’s the lesson learned here?

That/Those speed radar/s (wherever it/they is/are) really do/es work.

On the way back home, hub drove so sleepily-slowly within the speed limits. All other cars were speeding past us, probably thinking : “Hoy, lolo! Gising!”

To forget how slow we were, we occupied ourselves with spotting the radar’s location. Unfortunately, we did not find it. It is my suspicion that the radar is inside one of those highway patrol trucks parked somewhere along the road.

10 thoughts on “The Subic Weekend (Part 1)

  1. I was driving over 20 mph(85 mph) of the speed limit in my long drive from Phoenix to Vegas. But I didn’t get any speeding ticket. Some cars were even zooming past us. =)

  2. Wow. High tech na ang expressway. And I was about to ask how the cop knew eksaktamento hub’s speed rate.

    Subic became an almost ‘different planet’ during Gordon’s time. I am glad to know it has remained so.

    Will wait for the next chapters on your Subic interlude.

    (Bilib ka ba? Am using the reader now … and dahil excited, am using it to the max.)

  3. Uy ako din nahuli nung last trip namin. Seatbelts not fastened. We were just given a reprimand naman.

    I have to agree, the fantastic road conditions of the SCTEX will definitely tempt you to exercise your inner Formula 1 instincts.

    I’m thinking tuloy, isa’t kalahating oras na lang papuntang Subic..baka pwede nating dalhin ang Eating Club doon..Woohoo!!

  4. may naalala tuloy ako a classmate was arrested for jay walking. foreigner kasi, never been to subic, and there was no car in sight, kaya tumawid. hindi naman hiningan ng tong. this was more than a decade ago. so more than a decade na pala ang higpit ng traffic rules sa subic. which i think is fine.

  5. oist! ano itong Eating Club at Subic? join ako dyan ha! hehe.

    agree with you Chats. ang sarap dumaan dyan sa bagong gawang highway. we also enjoyed the travel last summer, esp. that the toll fees pa nun eh waived pa lang kasi kabubukas pa lang nung highway.

  6. Nung first time namin dun pabalik from Zambales, kakatakot sa gabi, lakas pa ng ulan at makapal ang fog.

    There is something there that really makes one go fast. Kahit nga sa NLEX lang eh. Aba, pag weekend, me mga Porsche at Ferrari na mabiblis diyan, nahuhuli kaya yun?

    Sa Subic tayo susunod? Sige! Susme. Saan ko kaya iiwan mga dyunakis ko niyan. 😀

  7. Maganda talaga daan dyan kaso may bayad na P20, but worth it naman.

    Diyan na din kami nagdadaan pag may dalang sasakyan. 🙂

    Sana EB naman next time dito sa Subic hehe!

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