The Shus are here!


I finally was able to claim the Shu Uemura gift certificates that I won from Visa’s Holiday Treats Promo. Woohoo!

I am never patient with filling up raffle tickets, because I know for a fact that I never win. You know… There are lucky people, and then there’s me, haha. As in: In company Christmas draws where they give away sucky items, I get to bring home the one that sucks most! LOLZ

So, anyway… I found out about the promo in a flyer that came with my billing statement. First prize was a one-day shopping spree at a mall of winner’s choice with a whopping budget of a hundred grand pesoses! That was more than enough to entice me!

So even if joining meant filling up entries online (it was quite tedious), I did so almost religiously. But of course, I had no expectations, given my unsuccessful history with raffle draws ‘no!

Come late January, I receive a call telling me I won a consolation prize in this Visa contest. My thoughts: huhh? Is this legit? I hope this is not phising…

I couldn’t believe I won something worth Php10,000. Even after the lady confirmed all my personal details and the entry that won me the prize.

And then it took sooo long for the notification letter to arrive, I really thought the whole thing was a scam. Finally the letter dated early February arrived last Wednesday. And finally, I was able to claim the GCs… Woohoo!

Now to sked the Rockwell shopping expedition… 😀


Technohub and I are going to China soon. Yes, it’s a holiday, because we need to spend some time away – just the two of us. But knowing him, I’m sure several days will be spent shopping for industrial products. Okay lang. We both need this break from routine anyway.

11 thoughts on “The Shus are here!

  1. Congratulations, Chat! Finally, huh? I too am like that. I am never the lucky winner. But at least for a change, you get to break the whatever we have? Hehehe.
    Btw, Enjoy the relaxing getaway with techno hub.

  2. wow, lucky you 🙂 i too have not be lucky with all those raffle draws… that’s such a wonderful surprise. have fun shopping..
    and have a wonderful time with technohub,. you deserve a break.. so who’s going to take care of the kids while you are away?

  3. Hi Salen! Oo nga, sana mabreak ang unlucky streak ko, hehe. I hope the getaway with the husband is relaxing. Sometimes he can’t help himself from working.

  4. HI Manang! I will definitely have fun shopping, hehe.

    Now that you asked, hmmm. I home mama will be willing to come watch them for a week. 

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