The Perfect Bathroom

In my perfect world, the perfect home doesn’t have to be huge. Yes, I want it comfortable, but not luxurious. I want an uncluttered, simple home with a bit of outdoor space for the children to around at.

The bathroom, though, is a different thing. For me, the bathroom, not the bedroom, is my refuge. It’s the only place where a busy mom like me would have time alone. I always tell my kids “When I’m in the bathroom, please leave me alone to enjoy my few precious moments of privacy.” But I sometimes forget to lock the door, and one of them would come barging in to make sumbong that she was hit by the other, or the other wouldn’t share the TV, etc, etc.

Anyway, back to my dream bathroom. It will have lots of space – storage space and lounging space alike. It will also have a walk in tub (oh yeah, for when my hub and I are too old to hopping over), a rain-shower style shower (the kids will love this), and a sound-proof acoustic door (hehe). Soothing music would be nice too.

Aaaah. The luxury of dreaming. It’s free – take it. 🙂

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