The mystery cake

A few weeks ago, a strange cake was delivered to my home. My dad, who was staying with us for a few days then, even joked it might be a bomb.

So I opened the box and saw that there was something weird about the cake. Something was inside it! I called Dad and showed him the silhouette of something square on the cake’s surface.

A mugshot of Pulp-X with cryptic numbers and a business card from a certain Mr. Ang of Big Bang Fireworks that came along with the cake made it more suspicious.

My Dad became alarmed for real. He wasn’t moving as I sliced through the cake to find out what was in there.

And, tada! A nice surprise –

So I have an orange cellphone, a yellow cake with an orange (?) leaf, a mugshot, and a certain Mr. Ang… And ooh, the top flap of the box had a mango silhouette.

What is this all about? Hmmm…. (Ready your detective gear and spotting scope and prepare to solve a mystery.)


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