The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center

Some weeks ago, I was invited by The Medical City to its newly opened one-stop shop for women’s health care. The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center (WHCC) is located on the 6th floor of Tower 2 and will occupy half of  the floor when the facility is completed.

Along with a few other bloggers, I first listened to a talk by Dr. Lyra Ruth Chua, director of the WHCC. The WHCC is meant to be a one-stop facility for women of all ages. The acronym OSCAR is aptly used – One-stop Center for Assessment of Risk.

Dr. Chua introduced us to the concept behind the Women’s Health Care Center, which was designed to provide all medical needs of all women in one place. This means more convenience, and less time spent by patients going all over the hospital for various services.

If you’re female and you need various tests, come to The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center for everything you may need to have done – from imaging to laboratory diagnostics, from adolescent to menopausal care, from pregnancy to TTC (trying-to-conceive).

After the talk, Dr. Chua, along with Ms. Nina Posadas, Corporate Communications Manager of TMC, showed us around the WHCC.

The Medical City women's health care center director Dr. Lyra Chua
Clockwise: Cryosurgery gun; an imaging machine; the bloggers with Dr. Lyra Ruth Chua; the Center’s waiting area is clean, cozy, uncluttered; Dr. Chua talks about WHCC.

One of the bloggers with us, Mommy Lace, was pregnant and the doctors at the WHCC took the opportunity to demonstrate the ultrasonography machine, including 4D (video) ultrasound.

The Medical City women's health care center 4d ultrasound

I was not fortunate enough to experience 4D during my last (and final!) pregnancy. So it was an amazing experience for me as well to see Lace’s baby moving and yawning and looking so at home in there. 🙂

For obstetric and gynecological needs of women of all ages, and if you don’t like hospital food*, come to The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center at the 6th floor of Tower II, TMC, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

*TMC has a lounge at the 4th floor that serves great food, including a chocolate cake called Dementia. It was delicious, nakakabaliw indeed!


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  1. Hi! I can see how in demand you are? Is it okay if I ask how you got invited to attend a lot of events? I also would like to do that, and meet fellow bloggers as well.

    Thanks a lot! More power. 🙂

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