The MagNate

Isn’t he big-bossy looking? 😀
He is the one that hubby and I managed to add to our family in the two years that I’ve been stay-at-home. Although unplanned, we were wishing for a baby boy. We were so happy when we found out it was a boy! For fathers, having a son seems to bring a different level of pride and joy. I never knew this because I come from a family that’s female-dominated. When hubby saw the thingy of our baby on the ultrasound, he was beaming with pride. That whole day (and week!), he was in such good mood. He brought pasalubong when he came home from work. He would text me randomly through the day just to ask how I was. I felt like the Queen Mother, bearing a future king.

2 thoughts on “The MagNate

  1. How was the treatment afterwards though? Hehe …

    There’s something to be said about how we are treated when we’re pregnant. =)

  2. Helpful pa rin naman afterwards.. We take turns during the night taking care of the baby.. Although syempre sometimes nilalamangan nya ako sa tulog!
    The thing is, he was not like that when we still did not know the baby was a boy! kasi naman 3rd pregnancy ko na, so di na sya excited masyadoww.. 🙂

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