The iSee 360 Breo Eye Massager

My hub just got back from a business trip in China. And lookie what he got me – the Breo iSee 360 Breo Eye Massager.

iSee 360 Breo eye massager

This is the iSee 360 Breo Eye Massager. It comes with: an eye mask that has different vibration modes and infrared heating; a controller; and earphones.

I immediately tried it on, and discovered that I can also wear the mask around my head and still get the same soothing effect. (I’m actually wearing it now around my head as I write this. 😀 )

The eye mask has two vibration modes –  point massage (like shiatsu), and multi-frequency vibration (the frequency starts low then goes higher). I prefer the point massage mode, because it really feels like fingers massaging around the eyes and the temples. Instant stress relief!

There is an option to alternate between the two modes, and to heat the mask simultaneously.

To complete the soothing experience, this handy relaxation gadget comes with built-in music. Choices range from soft piano to a flowing brook, from chirping birds to cricket sounds. I love the beach waves most!

iSee 360 Breo eye massager review

Nate tried it out and loved it too! He actually loved just listening to the waves and the chirping birds. 😀

Aside from the benefit of relaxation, the Breo eye massager also claims to improve eye health by improving blood circulation around the eye area. It’s ideal for people like me who work in front of the computer several hours a day.

If I marketed this, would you buy? Serious question. 🙂

This gadget is just one of the many products my hub saw at the Canton Fair in China. It is undoubtedly the biggest and most comprehensive fair in China. Products range from construction materials, consumer products, electronic gadgets and home appliances such as hand dryers. I hope to go with him on the next fair in summer.

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