The Heavens Wept – Farewell, Cory Aquino

I woke up last Wednesday to a wet and gloomy morning. Classes were suspended, offices shut down for the day. It was declared a special non-working holiday, in honor of Cory Aquino’s burial.

As I drove around the almost-deserted streets of Quezon City doing errands, I saw several people clad in yellow shirts. No, they were not any particular group – just ordinary people going about their own lives. I saw yellow ribbons on cars and homes, around street posts and trees. I felt the gloom and the grief.

On my way home, the rain began to pour heavily! The raindrops beat so heavily on my car, I felt it was heaven weeping for Cory, and for the people she has left behind.

I keep asking: “Who is like her? Who can take her place? Will there ever be another like Cory?”

Sad to say, none of today’s public figures seem to measure up to half of what Cory was. None in uprightness, in humility and in simplicity. None compare to the sacrifices she made for the country.

The people’s response to Cory’s burial procession was so immense. About three hundred thousand people gathered along the route to bring her to her resting place – all rallying, chanting her name, flashing the “L” sign. (During the 1986 EDSA Revolution, “L” stood for “laban” or fight.) Yellow was all over –  it was like 1986 again.

The Filipinos love Cory. Despite the detractors, despite the negative things said about her in the past, despite the people who thought the “Cory magic” has died, one thing I realized: Cory has touched all of our lives. And we all felt grief with her passing.

Cory fought the good fight; she has done her part. She won back the Philippines’ democracy from the hands of Marcos. Now it’s up to us to carry on and continue the fight.

Who is like her? Who can take her place? Will there be another like Cory?

Each one of us can be like her. If we keep her spirit alive in our hearts, we can do as she did – keep the fight for freedom, and show love for our country in our own little ways.

4 thoughts on “The Heavens Wept – Farewell, Cory Aquino

  1. I liked the photo. Well-captured. I remember you taped/saved to the disk the August 5 coverage for your kids to watch when they’re all grown up.  Now I know where to borrow. Lol. =)

  2. Hi witsandnuts! Thanks 🙂 I was only able to record the burial ceremony at Manila Memorial Park. I need to edit it pa, kasi I caught the booboo of the camera showing Cory’s body in the coffin.

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