The Germ Saga

An unstoppable germ went on a rampage at our home these past two weeks. >:(

First to catch it were my two girls, Patch and VGood. For five days they had 39-40s fever that would not go down despite round-the-clock dosing with paracetamol. We immediately went to see the doctor, who diagnosed URI (upper respiratory infection). On the 2nd day, VGood vomited blood, which raised my red flags further up! X-rays and blood samples were taken. But everything was okay (The blood test confirmed it was indeed a bacterial infection). Apparently: ibuprofen + erythromycin = high chance of gastric bleeding. Not a very good mix. (I am now back to Tempra for fever relief.)

For five days and four nights, I was like a nurse on 24-hour duty – taking temperatures, dispensing medicine, giving sponge baths, feeding, comforting, trying to distract them with kung fu dvds (yeah, the real stuff from the Big Land – China). In between, I gave in to panic and texted friends (some are real doctors, some with skills even better than a doctor’s [read: seasoned moms!], hahaha *wink*).

Part 1 of The Germ Saga ended five days later, as the two girls woke up well one Monday morning. Fever was gone, though there remained a bit of sniffles. Everyone was so relieved, most especially since the MagNate seemed to be well and unaffected.

Unfortunately, five days later… Tada – Part 2 of the Germ Saga came, which starred Nate 🙁 and moi. Same symptoms – high fever, headache, sore throat. (It was definitely the same germ!) Lucky for Nate, he was sick for only 3 days. Apparently the big little boy’s immune system is stronger than mine and his sisters’! The Germ decided to linger longer and harder on me.

I am still a bit sick, but definitely on the recovery stage. My abscessed tonsils make swallowing difficult, but the fever is gone.

Do you think the Germ is through?

My nephew, who is on vacation from Taiwan, was feverish last night. *insert “Psycho” music here*

The Saga continues.

P.S. Today I bought a can of Lysol spray, and went on a rampage seeking out the germ. Hrmph. *cracks knuckles* And yes, we’re getting our flu shots next week.

11 thoughts on “The Germ Saga

  1. I hope the kids get better Chats. the hardest part for a Mom is to seeing her kids in pain, if only we can have the sickness ourselves. 🙁 don’t worry, they’ll get better. a Mommy Nurse is always there to care.

  2. Now thats one mean spirited germ!!

    I hope all of you are better now. Get some rest after the saga ends. Or better still, go to the spa…that’ll give you some much needed relief 😀

  3. yup those germs are indeed a pest! thank goodness for modern medicine (and strong disinfectants)- we can get rid of them – although they might come again , stronger and even meaner (*insert psycho music here*)
    get well soon anyway and do something nice after all this stress. oh but there’s a good side to this after everything -you lose a few pounds 🙂

  4. Oh, I hope everybody will be ok na, most especially you, Chateau. Hope your nephew would be spared too.

    Sana matapos na yan at nang magkita-kita na tayo 🙂

  5. We are all so much better now. My throat still has a bit of itchies… the kids are A-okay again.
    But guess what?? My sister-in-law is down with a flu.. Ay naku, ruthless germ talaga eto.

  6. Hi Chats. That is one mean and strong germ. I’m sorry to hear about your family being a victim of this invasive germ. I could just imagine how terribly worried you were when VGood vomited blood. I’m glad that you’re all doing much better now. I’m sorry that the germ is still persistent in its invasion attack against other people.

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