The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

The other exciting personal pursuit I talked about in my previous post is The Filipino Mom Blog. And it is finally online!

How did this begin? It was never intended to be a full-blown blog project… All we – Cess, Cookie, Feng, Julie, Lynn, Wenchie and I – wanted to do initially was to blog about our eating conquests. But, well, now it seems we wanted to do so much more. 😀

What makes the FMB so interesting is how we were brought together. The seven of us met online as blogging moms. Because we lived near one another, we started organizing sporadic little meet-ups – for coffee, for dinner, for spa dates, even a picnic with the kids. Eventually, we became more real than virtual friends. We shared little victories, asked each other for advices, and simply enjoyed each one’s company. I realized how real and special our friendhip has become when I read about a wish that was granted… And I was part of that wish! (*sniff, sniff*)

Oh, we have many stories to share. I could go on and on and on. But I suppose you’d rather read about them at The Filipino Mom Blog. We hope our stories about family, friendships, food and everything in between will inspire you.

11 thoughts on “The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

  1. Congratulations on this wonderful project. I’m very happy for all of you. I hope it will be a successful writing project.

    I visited the site and was able to comment on all the posts except yours. I read it but for some reason I couldn’t comment on it.

  2. goodluck with your project, will be checking that out later 🙂 good to know that blogging is not just about virtual friends but also real life friends 🙂

  3. Hello iMom! I just found your blog through topblogs and I would just like to say that we have a number of things in common… I’m a mom too, but hands-down your THE MOM! 3 kids? Wow! I’m a Physical Therapy graduate – but I never got to practice it though. I also have a Fitness blog

    Hope it’s okay to link your blog to my personal one. I’ve been learning from just reading your past posts. Thank you for sharing!

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