The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Yep, that’s what we decided to call ourselves.

We’re a group of mommy bloggers who met online, and discovered that we have one other common denominator (aside from blogging) – eating!

For me, eating out with great friends is a nice way of de-stressing, detaching myself momentarily from the cares of mommy-hood. Planning this particular adventure actually began with an email that sounded like – “I’m tired. School days are so toxic. Let’s meet?”

We’ve had several eating adventures already. Last week, it was agreed that we’d drive all the way from the north end of Metro Manila to Makati in order to taste the Japanese-American cuisine of JohnandYoko. Unfortunately, EDSA was jammed with motorists and it was taking us forever to get out of Quezon City.

So at the last minute, it was decided we’d settle for Powerplant at Rockwell. We walked around, rode the escalators up and down, in search of a good resto. In the process, Cookie and I were lured into buying great ballet flats on sale at CMG. Hay…

We finally settled for Burgoo. It was an eat- and talk-fest. Among the many that we ordered (yeah, we were all starving after the heavy traffic 😛 ), my favorites were the Margherita Pizza and the Jambalaya.

The Eat-Girls (from left to right): me, Cookie, Feng, Wenchie, Julie, Lynn, Cess

As usual, we seem to never run out of stories and ideas to share. It was around midnight when I got home. (Yup, just in time for this Cinderella’s curfew. 😀 )

Our next adventure will involve some spa-relaxation before we do what we do best – eat!

Any suggestions?


Thanks to Feng for allowing me to borrow and post some photos she took. As usual, I forgot my camera.

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10 thoughts on “The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

  1. hi Chats. Eating Club it is! mga nanay na mahilig lumafang at chumica. 🙂 I had a great time too.

    PS. meron daw spa dyan sa Libis QC na maganda. can’t remember the name lang of that spa. check ko ulit dun sa blog nabasahan ko nun.

  2. Hi Feng! Libis sounds like a great idea. Hindi amsyadong malayo sa ating mga barrio, hehe.

    Hi Cookie! I agree the flats are so comfy… but I might have them sewn at the sides (sa sole) kasi my feet are really tough on such dainty shoeses! 😀

  3. sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. how about a hiking weekend for the group =). of course, you have to carry food, so that at the end of a hiking journey, you’d all have a picnic. just a thought.

  4. Tara. plan na natin 🙂

    I suggested to Dine to plan something that is CRIBS-related para maiba naman din.

    Scrabble, I don’t know how to play that (really) but I am willing to try 🙂

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