The dreaded dengue

With the number of dengue victims climbing everyday, everyone should be vigilant against this disease brought by mosquitoes. It seems the figures are the worst this year, so far.

In our village, there is a clean-up drive. All residents are enjoined to keep their own yards clean and free from stagnant water.

The Department of Health (DOH) has come up with a campaign called D.E.N.G.U.E. to guide us and help us stay alert against this potentially fatal disease.

D – Daily monitoring of patients

E – Encourage oral intake of fluids

N – Note any dengue warning signs like bleeding

G – Give paracetamol, not aspirin

U – use mosquito nets

E – Early consultation

For the past years, the DOH had the 4S campaign:

As a parent, here are some tips I can share to prevent dengue:

-Physical barrier is still the best. Let your kids wear long pants or knee-high socks. Ensure mosquitoes do not breach your window screens. Keep doors always closed. Mosquito nets are also advised.

-Use natural mosquito repellants. Human Heart Nature has an organic bug spray. There are a lot of citronella-based mosquito repellants already in the market.

-Clean up. Get rid of stuff in the home that can become breeding ground for the mosquitoes – old bottles, pots, containers, anything that may hold water. Clean the alulod regularly, as these are often forgotten and may collect rain water.

-Be vigilant. It’s better to be praning that sorry. This is what E stands for in DENGUE above. As soon as you suspect something other than an innocent flu or fever, go see the doctor.

-Keep your kids and yourselves in good health by eating well and getting enough rest. Some people do not believe in vitamin supplements, but I do. (You can buy from online shops likeĀ

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