The Best Accidental Gift

Technohub ushered in the new work year by renewing his commitment to making his workplace more organized. One of the main concerns is communication between him and his staff. There is a tiny whiteboard but, with so many reminders and meetings and companies to call, it is getting very crowded.

So he visited a nearby National Bookstore, but was shocked to find out a bigger whiteboard would cost several thousands. Hmmmm. There’s gotta be a cheaper option. His fertile mind went into active mode.

He proceeded to inspect the over-priced white board. Hmmmm… Whiteboard laminate… 1/4-inch plywood… Some glue… A bit of sanding… I’m brilliant!

He gave instructions to his trusty jack-of-all-trades. Within half a day, it was hung on the wall – the huge whiteboard that would be the center of their office life this year and surely for several years to come. The best thing is he only spent less than a thousand pesos!

Actually, the board was fitted into a wall of windows, which had to be permanently sealed off to accommodate it. It was that big.

So what’s the accidental gift? The board had several inches of excess, which was cut off. And was presented to me, originally intended to make me a more organized housewife.

Technohub: Ayan, d’yan mo isulat ang menu for the year ha.

When the kids saw the piece of whiteboard, they had better ideas.


Everyday now, they are excited to study as they take turns writing on the whiteboard. Patch loves that she can play teacher to VGood. At least it has made studying soooo much easier. And it has eased me off some teaching duty.

And, I was saved from writing a years’ worth of menu plans! 😉

This is the best accidental gift ever!

16 thoughts on “The Best Accidental Gift

  1. using the white board is a creative way of studying. They can pretend to be teachers. How innovative!

    Hi Noemi! The kids love to play titser-titser. I found it a great solution to reducing our paper waste too!

  2. certified McGyver pala si technoHub! 🙂 lucky and blessed you, Chats! so now, you don’t have an excuse for planning the weekly menus. hala, lagot!

    Hi Feng! Hindi naman sya masyado MCGyver… Pagdating sa house, hindi nga handyman. Pinag-iisipan lang talaga nyang maigi ang pagtitipid, haha!

  3. that’s great, hindi pa messy like a blackboard – where you have to use chalk and therefore your things and your children will get chalk dust.

    Hi Cess! Oo nga, nakaka hika pa chalk dust, di ba? Medyo messy din ang marker ink, but it’s easily washed off naman.

  4. Yohan loves writing on the white board too. He loves playing teacher. He grades the performance of his students (me & hubby) by giving us a happy face for well done and sad face if he is not satisfied with our answers. Ha ha!

    Hi Rach! Vera also grades her lone student (Patch) with such marks, meron pang “very hapyy” face LOL

  5. wow what a creative hubby! that is indeed a blessing, the V has 2 left hands and lacks the imagination to do anything linked to being a handyman and crafts. it’s quite frustrating instead of cutting some costs for our new home eh he even adds to it by breaking some of the things that are not included in the to be repaired list! – imagine ha,how he can break things when he is not even repairing any of it… ay naku 🙁

    Hi Toni! Hindi naman masyadong creative si hub. He has the ideas, but his trusty handyman in the office does the dirty job, hehe. I guess between you and the V, you’re the creative one.. So, tanggapin mo na role mo! haha

  6. when my girls were little, they also had a board where they could write almost anything. Steffi, my eldest, loved playing teacher, too, to her younger sister. i thought for a while she was going to be a teacher.

  7. Galing! I was surprised too to find how much these white boards cost. What a great “toy” for the children. Though the smell of the markers are strong so be wary too baka masama yun sa health.

  8. Niiice! My sisters and I enjoyed playing with my lolo’s blackboard when we were kids. Wihteboard na nga pala ngayon, hehe. Ingat lang sa fumes ng pentel pen!

  9. Hi Chats, had fun last nite. Post mo pics natin ha…I’m also using a white board when I teach Pio and Bea. Pio would draw on it and sometimes pretend he’s Bea’s teacher. But hubby recently borrowed it for the laundry room (nagtipid, he he).

  10. i also thought a white board is a great idea for the kids, but you know how much those pens cost here? you could buy more boards than pens… hay. ayun, nakatambak na lang yung whiteboard kasi wala na kaming pambili ng pens, hahaha

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