Thank You, Dear Teacher (World Teachers’ Day)

Today, October 5, is World Teachers’ Day.

Teachers deserve to be honored for the roles they play in shaping us into what we are. Just a few posts back, I paid tribute to the greatest teacher I have ever had – Sir Emmett.

Sir Emmett is a fine example of how a teacher should be – passionate, full of wisdom, selfless. He cared for us, his students, like his own children. His dedication to his profession is far beyond exemplary.

Above all these superlatives is one simple fact: Emmett is the kind of teacher who inspires.

One day a few years ago, my daughter V decided to ditch her shoe-designing dream to be a teacher. I just smiled, but at the back of my mind I was thinking “Uh oh, huwag anak, hindi ka yayaman!” ( …“Tsaka gusto ko maging model ng sapatos, anak!!”)

But then again, I thought “yeah, why not?” If V can make a difference by inspiring her students – to be excellent, passionate, sensible individuals – then she would have been richer and far more successful than shoe tycoons.

So to all the teachers, despite not being in the most ideal working conditions in the Philippines, may you never grow tired of inspiring the Filipino children. Your inspiration will go a long way. Yours is among the more noble professions.

Emmett passed away last month. He left behind no riches or properties. But he did leave a lasting legacy – a Tower of Life made of individuals whose lives he inspired.

Thank you, Emmett!

Thank you, dear teachers!

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Dear Teacher (World Teachers’ Day)

  1. its nice to hear that kids still aspire to be a teacher…thats the exact opposite of what i posted in my blog earlier (obviously before reading this!). though i am not v’s teacher, hearing this makes my job even more worthwhile.

  2. Hi Ria! Being a teacher in our country is close to being heroic (martir, even?). But thanks to all the teachers like you who continue to serve and teach. I really hope the government does more to improve out education system –  more budget for more teachers, classrooms, better books. Gaah, even the textbooks my kids use have a lot or errors! Eh paano na kaya sa public schools??

    happy teacher’s day to you 🙂

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