Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260

Konka-what? Konka-who???

I’ve seen Konka TVs… but Konka Phones?

On his latest trip to Shanghai two weeks ago, Technohub bought a dual-SIM touch-screen phone – the Konka E260.

Hub has 3 phones – one for Smart, one for SunCellular, and another for his PLDT Landline Plus. It really gets quite confusing inside his gadget bag when one of the 3 starts ringing! (Don’t ask what happens when all three start ringing altogether!) So that was his primary concern when he wentlooking for a mobile phone. He wanted a dual-SIM phone.

But the most wonderful feature, at least for him and older Chinese folks who would not dare learn how to text (read: FIL), is the Chinese-character input method. This phone has a cool touch screen and one could actually write Chinese characters (both traditional and simplified) for texting! This feature was heaven-sent for hub, since constant communication with his business contacts back in the tai diok (yeah, big land) is very important.

(Because of the Chinese text-input method, even FIL wants one! hehe)

The phone has internet connectivity (there’s even a “blog” icon on the home screen!) a 1.3 MP camera, an MP 3 player, a memory card slot, a super-clear touch screen and a two batteries (a spare is included)  that can last up to 5 days! My fave feature? The Magic Sushi game (similar to Jewel Quest, only you play with sushi, nakakagutom!)…:P

Hub bought this wonderful mobile phone for the equivalent of about Php7,000+ only. If it’s durable (as in it won’t conk-out within a year, because parts and service will have to be in China I guess), then I’d say it’s an excellent buy.

BTW, this Manila Standard article came out in a quick Google search for Konka phones. It says that Konka phones were launched in the Philippines last month. So does that mean service parts will become available locally? I hope so. ‘Cause I want one too. *hint hint, Technohub!*


I’m not sure if the phone has bluetooth connectivity. If it does, I’m planning to give Technohub a belated anniversary gift – one of those Bluetooth stereo headsets. With his super-busy sked (read in Pinoy: umiikot na pwet), he needs a headset that he can wear and forget he’s wearing it. He’s got enough fumbling to do.


This is NOT a paid post for Konka.

8 thoughts on “Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260

  1. me three! love the features of the Konka fone. I have two sims din, smart and sun, ang hirap magbitbit. pasabay naman ako ng bili same as Cookie. heehee

  2. wow, super buy yan with that price and extra features. keep us updated if it’s durable.. sayang di pala paid post. you sound so convincing i could have bought one! 🙂

  3. Wow! Ang dami ko nang orders, hehe… If you’re serious, let me know. Kasi mukhang magpapabili si hub for me and FIL. The next trip is still months away, but he can have the phones sent via courier. Madali lang yun.

  4. My phone is begging to be replaced … napagtatawanan na in terms of jurassicity. But am not that keen yet to spend hahaha. if i get convinced otherwise … hmmm …let’s see. This post sounds so gizzmoic, and not too i-momlike. 🙂

  5. Aba, ok to ah. I am planning to get a sun sim since its just hubby and trixie who both have sun. The sim is easy to get but a mobile phone is not. But with this, ok na ito 🙂

    Galing, parang paid post, hehe, dapat you will get one free kung marami ang order but that is probably a long shot 😀

  6. Hi Chats, nice phone, yan din ba yung me tv? Meron kasi sa Greenhills, dual sim din, can’t remember the brand, me tv, same size nyan. It’s only 5k naman.

  7. These China phones do not have Internet Connectivity. They do not have WiFi (802.11b/g) or 3G.

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