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A looong time ago, Patchy was tagged by Rachel, and Nate by Scrooch and Daiz to play this meme. Sorry, girls, it took so long. Because Patchy’s PC privilege has been suspended indefinitely (guess who had my PC virused a few weeks ago???), I am doing her tag here on my blog, instead of her doing it on her blog.

Anyway, allow me then to flaunt and brag about my kids unabashedly. 😛 I will try to be as random as possible.

8 Random Things about Patchy:p1010808.JPG

1. Patricia Elise in real life, she is ten years old, going 11 in September (nearing puberty, eeeek!). Yes, I have a lovely little lady.

2. She’s a good kid. Proof: at the end of each school year, the school honors students who have had good character record throughout the year with a gold medal. So far, she has accumulated 5 golds since Nursery. This year (she was in 3rd grade) I think she will get her 6th.

3. She is not only a good kid; she’s bright too. Proof: consistently in the honor roll since pre-school. But as I tell her, being honored for character than for academics is more important in life. When she is grown and raising a family all on her own (*sniff, sniff*), it wouldn’t matter anymore what academic honors she received, would it? (Anyway, that’s how I ease the academic pressure off her and myself.)

4. Patchy loves to read. This year, she discovered the Nancy Drew series, and she’s helplessly hooked. Every week, she borrows and finishes one book from a classmate (who owns the complete series from book 1 to 56).

5. Patchy learned how to swim all on her own.. well, okay, let’s give some credit to technohub. He introduced the basics, then let her go on her own. Now she can swim from one end of the pool to the other (about 20 meters).

6. She is very friendly. In fact she could win Miss Congeniality. But she only has two best, trusted friends.

7. She is a techno-geek at heart. I was surprised once when I caught her passing notes to her seat mate during an afternoon at Chinese tutorials. I looked at the note, voila: html codes! They were asking her to teach them.

8. She is a lefty, but serves in badminton with her right, cuts with her right, does most tasks but writing with her right. Did we miss something here??? Sometimes she asks me, “Baka talagang right-handed ako?”

8 Random Things About VGood:

1. Vera Angela in real life, she is 6 going 7 in June…. far from puberty. But she acts like a little lady!

2. If Patch is the athletic-academic type, VGood is the right-brained artistic-creative one. Her sketches are never dull; her art always abstract.

3. At age 3, she had speech delay, so we saw a Developmental Specialist, who advised speech and occupational therapies. After a year of therapy, we were assured that there was nothing wrong with her development; she was probably just one of those late-bloomers. Now, she is a relentless speaker. In fact, she is often reprimanded in school for that. hehe. I say: better a talkative child than one in deep reclusion.

4. Still in the area of talking, VGood is a social being. She is never shy with engaging any of my friends in conversation.

p1014779.JPG5. Still still in the area of talking, she comes up with the most hilarious quips. For example, yesterday (Sunday) we went to Binondo for our fix of Chinese culture (yeah, we need it once it a while). VGood blurted as soon as we exited under the Ongpin arch: “Oh, we’re leaving the Chinese world.” More of her funny lines here.

6. She is my future shoe designer. Yeah, she did tell me more than once that she will be designing shoes for a living when she grows up. Wonder where she got that? Uhmmm… She did catch me surfing the sites of Cesar Gaupo (who is now into designing shoes) and of Blahnik once (… or twice). And was she fascinated with what she saw! Aside from that, she has fashioned several shoe-like creations from empty tubes of diaper cream. 😀

7. VGood has motion sickness. So we always travel with lots of burp bags, towels, an extra set of clothes, and a disc of Vicks. A predictable sign that she is starting to get nauseous during a ride: she actually, finally becomes silent. 😛

8. Her favorite food includes fried chicken, pork/shrimp dumplings, fried chicken, xiao long pao, and fried chicken. And, yes, dry cereals (cereals mixed with powdered milk, not fresh milk). She can thrive on just these.

8 Random Things About The Magnate:

1. Nathan in real life, he is turning 2 in July. Oh, terrible, tornado-torn two, here you come! (We’ve boarded up the windows.)

2. He is not quite into terrible twos yet, but, my gosh, you should see him in action. If VGood is the relentless speaker, Nate is the tireless tornado. Chasing after him and tidying up his aftermath are great calorie-burners.

3. Now at 14 kilos (30.8 pounds), Nate is of the heavy sumo-build type. His hands are heavy, and the family has yet to master the skill of ducking out of his hands’ way, because they strike so fast and hard. Ouch.

4. He is a heavy drinker. Overnight, he downs about three 8-ounce bottles of formula. One 1.8-kilo can of milk does not even last a week. And I wonder why he is so big.

p1010887.JPG5. Feeding Nate solids is never a problem either. He seems to have outgrown his allergies, because he now takes anything and everything we eat, without adverse skin reactions. He loves taking part of the family meal.

6. He has certain favorite play things, his all-time favorite being the ball. He loves playing with balls so much, I think he just might be a basketball player when he grows up. His next-best toys are writing things – pens and crayons. There is this certain spot on our bedroom wall that he is especially fond of ‘vandalizing’. Every time he gets hold of a pen or crayon, he quickly runs to that spot on the wall and goes crazy writing all over it!

7. Nate’s speech is not yet well-developed, may even be delayed somehow. But I learned from my experience and readings that boys and multi-lingual* children will have higher chances for speech delay than females and uni-linguals (is there such a term?). So I am taking it one day at a time, I will not panic… yet. (*Yes, husband says Nate is his last hope for passing on his above-average Mandarin language skills, because the two girls simply refuse to speak it, despite being able to comprehend.)

8. Nate is the official escort of his dad from the front door to the car – their 5-minute bonding time before hub goes to work in the morning. Nate stays in the car with hub while he waits for it to warm up. And, on most times, hub would take Nate on a ride around the village before he sets off. Must be a big thrill for our little guy!

13 thoughts on “Tagged: 8 Random Things About My Kids

  1. Thank you Chats for doing this meme. I enjoyed reading about Patchy, VGood and Nate. They are all wonderful children and special in their own way.

    Congratulations to Patchy for being a consistent Gold Medalist in school. I see we both love Nancy Drew.

    I’m sure VGood has wonderful sense of style especially when it comes to shoes. I do hope she overcomes her motion sickness.

    Nate is such a handsome boy. He reminds me of Yohan. I’m sure his speech will develop soon. You’ll just be surprised when it happens.

    Take care Chats and hope to see you soon.

  2. can patchy draw pictures? – most lefties and ambidextrous (she might be) people i know are good artists. baka lang naman… so that’s one more talent for your kiddo!

    ka-edad pala ni vgood ang panganay ko. he’s turning 7 this june too.

    hay, can nate share a little of his good eating habits with my son? ang sarap siguro nyan, kahit ano ihanda mo kinakain. my son is a picky eater 🙁

  3. What beautiful trophies of the I-mom (I for incredible? irreplaceable? indiepensable? certainly not incorrigible as in incorigible blog and scrab addict). You’re the mom I should have been if I tried harder. But I got nice children too, in spite of me. hehehe Congrats all of you!

  4. Hi Chats, I think your Patricia and my Nicole would click, they have so much in common. Vera naman looks nice and naughty (mukhang pilya din) he he. And gosh, ang laki na kagad ni Nate. Sarap halikan. You have lovely kids. Lastly, your right, mas ok me character awards, that’s more important than the academic awards. Pio had his during the CFA going up day for honesty naman…

  5. hi chats, you have such wonderful and adorable children. it’s interesting too see that that even if they come from the same household and same genes, they have all unique personalities. i think you and technohub are doing a great job raising them 🙂

  6. OMG, these are adorable kids and another OMG because I have been tagged to this meme months ago too.

    Love the way you described your kids, like parenting is a lot of fun (joke).

    Miss you Chateau, hope we can have that dinner already, its long overdue.

  7. now i know a lot about Nate. he’s amazing–he will grow up to a smart kid, with or without promil. LOL

    just dropping by to say hello, i have been out of circulation lately.

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