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A spankin’ new theme!

Welcome to my new look!

I’ve been wanting to change my theme but there hasn’t been enough time or energy to do it while I was still working. So when I finally quit my work-from-home job, one of the projects I set out to do was to update my blog.

Although I loved my old WordPress theme, especially how SEO-friendly it was, the look was getting a bit too old. It was time to update it!

It happened accidentally. I was chatting with one of the winners in a recent blog contest I hosted for Potentilla Diffusers. Yvie happens to be  an artist and web designer and I’ve known her in the past few years through social media circles. (Facebook connects indeed!)

And so we discussed online, exchanged ideas and emails, designs went back and forth, until she finally came up with this custom WordPress theme for Imom Online! And I am so loving it. Continue reading A spankin’ new theme!

A-camping I will go!

If there’s one thing that WordPress users should look forward to every year, it’s WordCamp. It’s a time for WordPress lovers to come together and learn from the gurus. I attended last year’s camp, and came away with a lot of learning that I immediately applied to my blogs.

The most practical learning was how to back-up my blog files using the correct plug-ins. Thanks to Lyle Santos, one of the pioneer organizers of Philippine WordCamps, who patiently walked me through the stages. I realized it wasn’t all that hard.

This year, I go again as a camper somewhere in between basic and intermediate. Admittedly, I have a lot of things to learn. As a blogger and web content provider, opportunities to expand and update my knowledge are always welcome.

And the lineup of breakaway talks excites me! (Break-away talks are a good idea because last year, some of the sessions I had to sit through were too techie I almost [nose]bled to death. hehe). I am techie to a little extent (with emphasis on little), but heavy hardcore stuff like talks about complicated codes, hardware like video cards and the like are a bit too much for me. teehee.

WordCamp Philippines 2010

But the learning is just one part. This year, Mr. WordPress himself – Matt Mullenweg – is coming. And I’d love to see him, hear him talk in the flesh!

WordCamp Philippines 2010 happens on October 2, 2010 at La Salle CSB, Taft, Manila. For more information on registration and other details, visit WordCamp Philippines.

On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

I’ve had experience using different brands of phones (usually unlocked phones) , having owned phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and, now, Samsung. I can say that these brands have varying degrees of user-friendliness. Some take a bit of getting used to, such as when I shifted for the first time from Nokia to Sony Ericsson. It took me minutes to complete a text on the SE, but I soon got the hang of it.

Shifting to Samsung wasn’t bad either. I first had the Samsung Star-W, a touch-screen budget phone with wifi access. It was fairly easy to navigate and figure out. Currently, my phone is the Samsung Omnia Pro. Its OS is Windows Mobile. And I don’t know whether to love it or chuck it!

Well, most of the time I love it naman, except during the times when I’m on Wifi and get idle for a few seconds, the connection is cut and so I have to re-connect again… Or when I can’t find my fave playlists because I have to look in three different places (internal memory, device memory, external memory)… Or when I’m suddenly connected to the internet via my mobile network (until now I still cannot figure out how that happens!)… OR when I have to press a lot of keys and go through a lot of menus to get to the page/app/function I want to go to.

Over-all, the Omnia Pro isn’t so sucky. Only, it sucks a lot during the sucky moments.

So what’s the conek with blogging platforms? Someone said to me on Plurk – Joomla is the Samsung of blogging platforms (or to that effect). Continue reading On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

Calling All WordPress Lovers!

*UPDATE, 08/13/08: The list of WordCamp sponsors has been updated. See below.*

It was love at first sight – the moment I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Setting up my blog from scratch took a lot of contemplative time and difficult reading… Yeah, I did the Codex, man. But I loved every bit of the challenge! Once I got past that, almost everything was a breeze. I realized that one doesn’t have to be a techno-freak to figure out WordPress, after all! (or, am I speaking too soon???)

There’s still a lot to learn though – lots of mysterious codes to figure out, tips and tricks to be explored. I’m aware that I haven’t maximized my WP experience yet.

So when I heard that the very first WordCamp in Southeast Asia is happening in the Philippines, I decided I wasn’t going to miss it for ze world!

WordCamp Philippines 2008 is a venue for WP users to learn how-tos and be updated on new developments. Continue reading Calling All WordPress Lovers!

New Year, New Look

As predicted by Abaniko, the Christmas theme’s lifespan has indeed lapsed. 😛

I do not know why, but I could not seem to find the drive to blog recently. But, anyway, I set off two evenings ago in search for a new theme, hoping that a refreshing change would renew my drive.

How appropriate it is then that the perfect theme I found is named “Bright Side“? It was designed by Headsetoptions and Mandarinmusing, the same guys who did the Rain Drops theme I used for most of 2007. I love that I don’t have to tweak around much with their themes. And, again, I can’t stop raving about how easy it is to switch themes on WordPress.

This year, I need to focus more on the brighter side of things. Though it was good in many ways, 2007 was difficult for my husband’s business. In fact, he says it is probably the worst year ever. Continue reading New Year, New Look