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Pre-schooler Nate

(This is yet another quickie… )

Tomorrow marks Nate’s third week in nursery school. He’s been doing great, except for two episodes of crying. Both were caused by a craving for the bottle. Nate is turning four in a few weeks, but he is not yet weaned from the bottle.

We’re working on that now, reducing his milk intake to just 5 ounces per bottle, at about, hmmm… maybe just 4 or 5 bottles a day. (I think Nate will feel so deprived with just 4, haha.)

Luckily, he “agreed” to drinking milk from a glass instead of the bottle when in school. (Yup, this little boy knows how to negotiate…. Negosyante in the making? hehe)

Other significant developments, aside from the bottle withdrawal-induced meltdowns, are: Continue reading Pre-schooler Nate