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Daily Dose of V Quips 3

Nakapag-ipon na ulit ako ng V Quips, so here’s another installment.


Last month, my dad’s US-based older brother and his wife came to visit the Philippines. Dad, Uncle B and Auntie P spent one whole afternoon catching up on each other at a gas station that happened to be near my kids’ school. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring my kids there after school so they could meet their grannies. So I did. 

Fast forward to  snack time…

Auntie P: What do you like to eat, kids? Choose whatever you like… Go ahead!

My kids hesitated, just a little bit, but got themselves some ice cream and drinks anyway. The adults chatted some more. The kids started to get bored, found themselves lingering near the freezer. Tita T (owner of the gas station) notices V looking at something inside the freezer. (At this point, I pretend they are not my kids. Nakakahiya!)

Tita T: What do you like?

V (smiles sheepishly): That one (points to Nestle Pops)… But that’s expensive eh.

Tita T (probably amused): Don’t worry, I’m rich!

V (eyes lit up, grinning widely): Oooh, she’s rich!


Same afternoon with their new-found grannies…

V to Uncle B: Are you sure you’re 83?

Uncle B (who only wears reading eyeglasses, despite his age): Yes. Why? Continue reading Daily Dose of V Quips 3

Dashboard Lessons, Part 1: Mag-aral ng Mabuti

Whether I admit it or not, I like driving my kids.

Yes, it can get rowdy at the backseat sometimes. The bickering gets irritating. But driving them also gives me the chance to catch up with their lives, talk to them about various things, listen to their stories of the day.

On this day, the conversation kinda took a deep turn.


Scene: In the car, on the way home from school. Past 5 PM.

We drive by a public elementary school. It was dismissal time. Some kids were already on their way home, aboard tricycles. In front of our car was a slow-moving tricycle over-loaded with kids. The “back-load” (the seat space behind the driver) had 3 small kids around 7 years old seemingly piled on top of each other. In the sidecar – who knows how many are crammed in there.

I could only shake my head.

iMom: tsk, tsk tsk, tsk. Tingnan niyo yang mga bata. Kawawa naman. Pag na-aksidente sila, ano kaya mangyayari sa kanila? Grabe…

My two girls peek in front, but are silent for a while. Then VGood pops a question- Continue reading Dashboard Lessons, Part 1: Mag-aral ng Mabuti

V and P Quips

My kids are getting wittier, their humor surprises me sometimes.

The other day, Patch must have noticed the greater time I spent offline than on:

Patch: Ma, bakit di ka na masyadong nag-cocomputer?

iMom: Ummm. Wala, pagod lang ako lately. At nakakatamad din.

Patch (wide-eyed): Who are you?? And what have you done to the Computer Addict??

Very funny! I almost fell off my chair, laughing.

On another day, I was working on my Christmas list. I thought I’d ask my kids what they wanted. That would make my life so much easier, and theirs happier. While it took a while for Patch to come up with hers, V almost instantly blabbed out her wish list.

Continue reading V and P Quips


VGood is at it again.

But instead of dishing out her witty quips, she’s writing them down. Of course, her white board marker is new – she’s loving it right now. So much so, she’d rather scribble her thoughts.

The other day, I called her into the computer room so we can study together. She must have waited for quite a bit. As usual, iMom was lost in some time-warp zone called Plurkland. I suppose she whined a lot, but I wasn’t hearing her. (Plurk does this to me!)

Finally, she gave up and left me a note: Continue reading V-Notes

On New Posts and Hopes for a New Business

Before anything else…

New Posts are up over at The Filipino Mom Blog:

*Feng shares tips on helping toddlers develop motor skills.

*Cookie writes about the delicate balance between our kids’ yaya-time and mom/dad-time.

*TeacherJulie gives us a sneak peek into the perks of homeschooling.

*Lady Cess has very nice ideas for destressing and for cleaning up the home, I’m sure you’ll like both. 😉

Go! Hop over to the FMB, and enjoy!


New Business

I’ve been thinking…

I think technohub should consider going into the business of pencils. It may prove to be very lucrative.

Just this week, VGood has consumed 6 – SIX! – pencils! And it’s only Thursday. That’s more than one pencil per day. Yesterday morning, I gave her a fresh, newly-sharpened Mongol. When she got home, it was short, dirty, the eraser gone.

The other day, I was scolding her for lending two pencils to a classmate who lost the first pencil she borrowed from V (that’s why V lent her a second one. Bait ni V, ano?). Of course, the borrower also lost the second pencil.

And then there’s the pencil that Continue reading On New Posts and Hopes for a New Business