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Good-quality Used I.T. Products

Are you looking into buying new computing equipment for you office? Consider buying used I.T. equipement instead. When buying anything second-hand, though, reliability of the source is an important factor. Save on cost by buying used but excellent-condition equipment from tcdigital.com. Twin Cities Digital is one of the biggest and most reliable company that provide I.T. products such as used cisco, IBM, Compaq, and SUN. Check out their site for more details. www.tcdigital.com

Weekly Question # 14: Beauty Basics

This week’s question from Julie:


What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

I’ve come to realize the value of caring for my skin a few years ago, before I left the oh-so-young-and-sweet-sounding twenties stage. I probably picked it up from my mama, whom I fondly remember slathering her face with Nivea cream (used to come in those blue tins) and Oil of Olay (the light pink fluid). Whenever I smell a lemony cosmetic, I’d always remember her massaging her face with Pond’s cold cream. Not surprisingly, my mama looks young for her age. (Check out this post.)

While others have complicated nightly skin rituals and some need to get the best acne treatment, my skin regimen is quite basic –  cleanse, tone, moisturize. For cleansing, I use Dove facial foam and water. To tone, it’s Pond’s White Beauty Toner. To moisturize, my current night cream is Nivea Visage. In the recent 2 years, I’ve added the regular use of an eye cream – Nivea’s anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus.

After applying these youth potions (and crossing my fingers that they work!), I kiss my four babies (the fourth being the biggest baby of all) good-night, whisper my prayers, and de-clutter my mind of the day’s negatives. Yes, these too are part of my beauty regimen. 😉

Let’s check and compare with others’ night skin rituals here.

The Perfect Spa Getaway

Imagine yourself luxuriating in this hot tub – enjoying the wonderful view right outside your window while sipping some cool concoction… Lay your head back, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. This is the life.

Only, you’re not in some faraway, exotic ( read: expensive! ) island paradise. You’re right in the comfort of your own home spa!

Thanks to fuss-free spa accessories from SpaScenes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to escape to your dream spa getaway. SpaScenes are high-quality water-proof vinyl murals that are installed on the underside of spa covers. Installing SpaScenes is easy, there is no need for special tools. They come in two sizes – panoramic (for spas up to 92″ wide), and full view (for spas up to 95″ wide) – and several beautiful scenes to choose from.

Who would have thought it would take just a few hundred dollars to complete the look of your home spa?

(Well, you might as well invest in a good-quality door lock or a few pairs of ear plugs to make sure the kids don’t ruin your precious hours of relaxation. 😉 )

Win a USD10,000 Dream Room Give-away from Boyles.com

Yes, you read it right!

Boyles Distinctive Furniture is giving away USD10,000 worth of great furniture to make your dream room come true. There is no purchase necessary. Just register at the website and you’re on your way to winning this wonderful promo from Boyles.

Boyles, a family-owned North Carolina furniture company, has been in the discount furniture business since 1949. Among its many services, Boyles offers online shopping and nationwide delivery. Check out their website to see for yourself the beautifully-designed, awesomely-priced home and office furniture. While you’re at it, register for a chance to win the $10,000 Dream Room Give-away!

*This promo is open to legal residents of the United States only.

Golf Equipment at TWOG.com

For golf enthusiasts, there is a website dedicated to all things that have to do with the sport – TWOG.com. The site is basically an online golf shop offering golf equipment, accessories and apparel from the leading brands such as Ping Golf. The World of Golf originally opened in 1968 in New York as a retail shop for golf equipment. Through the years, it has gained world-renown, attracting golf enthusiasts from all over the world. TWOG.com is based in the US, but offers international shipping of orders.