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Kids Watch Central’s Time Management Promo contest winners

UPDATE (7:25 PM, July 12): Catherine Muncal of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. (GMCI) will email you with instructions on claiming prizes.


As promised, I am announcing today the winners of the Time Management blog contest sponsored by Kids Watch Central.

And the three winners are…..

*drum roll*

1. attyalfa

2. delish

3. cessna

Congratulations! I will email you shortly with information and instructions on claiming prizes. Thank you very much for joining my contest. 🙂 If there will be another one next year, I hope to see more entrants!

I hope your kids will love their watches. May it help them learn how to manage time properly while they are still young.

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Time management by example: Share your ideas for a chance to win a watch!

For parents, time management skills start to be challenged as soon as the first baby is born. As families grow bigger and older, schedules become tighter and busier. And, unfortunately, the challenge of time management becomes more difficult with each year and each child.

There are kids to drive, kids to tutor, kids to cook for, and to care for. Add to this long list of errands those additional trips and planning you have to make when older kids discover social life. So now they have parties, sleep-overs, study groups, outings… (Que horror!)

Because of these, most parents eventually become expert time managers. But, being humans (contrary to popular belief that we are super-humans), we sometimes lag and fall behind at being good role models for our kids.

It’s important to be reminded that children learn by example. “Practice what you preach” is a good guiding principle. And it is especially apt with time management. Kids see when we procrastinate, cram and make them the butt of our stress. (Picture looks familiar, eh? I know!)

A 2000 study published in the American Journal of Health Sciences has shown that kids who were able to efficiently allot time for certain tasks had less anxiety and enjoyed more leisure time in school. So if you want less stressed kids, teach them proper time management.

Join my contest and win a watch for your child!

Last year, I shared here my time management tips. Other parents also did and three of them each won a watch! This year, we’re doing it again. Continue reading Time management by example: Share your ideas for a chance to win a watch!