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Summer’s over, back to regular programming

Finally, the frequent afternoon rain showers lately have given Metro Manila residents some respite from the heat. Of course when it’s not cloudy or raining, the humidity and heat is still bad. But hey, at least we get cooler air after the brief showers.

But this also means summer is officially over, and, oh yes, indeed it’s back to school soon! In fact for my kids, that’s just in *deep breath* 7 days! Arrggh! I can’t believe it. Summer just breezed through!

You know what, it’s a shame but my family did not even get to go on one beach trip. Sucks eh? Now it’s too late to be planning something like that, though actually it’s what hub and I was talking about before we went to sleep last night.

Anyway, POC Wellness has a back-to-school theme going on. I thought the parents who read my blog might want to check out the articles and find something helpful: Continue reading Summer’s over, back to regular programming

Get down, dirty and organic

So organic’s all the buzz these days.

But why not? With the Earth’s ecology becoming more and more endangered each day, we should be shifting to a better, higher consciousness of self-sufficiency –  consuming less, reusing more. And going organic is one way of living in a self-sufficient way. I am waaaaay far from being self-sufficient, but, along with (semi-)vegetarianism, self-sufficiency is one of the things I hope to somehow get into before my lifetime is over.

Central to the concept of self-sufficient living is growing your own food. Here is a great article on the POC’s Health and Wellness channel –  Organic Gardening 101.

Ready the work gloves and get down and dirty… in the garden, that is.

March was Women’s Month

I feel bad for not being able to blog as often. This month was (was! It’s almost over!) Women’s Month and I was not able to write a single blog post about it. Boohoo.

But the Health and Wellness team of writers (all of them beautiful women) at the poc.net worked hard all month to make the March publication full of interesting and eye-opening informative articles. Most articles were about women – women’s leading diseases, fitness, as well as emotional well-being.

Being at the forefront of almost everything –  whether managing the home, a company or, heck, a country -, women have the tendency to put the needs of others ahead of their own. But reading all the articles on this month’s publication opened my eyes to my vulnerability as a woman to various conditions.

Heart disease is always thought to be a male disease, but in fact it is the leading cause of death of women in the Philippines. Diabetes, stroke, HIV – these are diseases that affect women especially. Prevention and awareness of the early signs are key to keeping clear of these “women” diseases.

And then there’s the issue of abuse. Since the enactment of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act in 2004, more and more cases of abuse have been reported. While this is a good sign that shows growing awareness and empowerment among women, there are still many women who suffer in silence, letting themselves be treated like door mats and punching bags. These women need to know that there is life outside an abusive relationship, and feel empowered enough to take that step to freedom.

Knowing, knowledge. That is the key. Through writing informative articles, we hope to spread awareness and somehow make a dent on the lives of our readers, women and men alike.

Just as I am inspired to live healthier while reading these articles, I hope you are too.

So go, click na. Now na! 😛

Hello, blog!

It’s been a while, eh?

Nope, I did not go into hibernation. I’m still around.

In fact, I’ve never been working online more than I am now. Never been more wired.

I’ve been blessed with work!

Some time in February, I started working as a contributing editor. It’s a freelance job, and I work from home (or practically anywhere that has internet connection).

Since 2004 when I resigned from my regular day job, I’ve been doing my best (read: trying hard) to be a work-at-home mom (WAHM) . I’ve had small writing gigs here and there – contributing to some websites, copywriting at one time, doing “paid opps”. But those come in trickles. Sometimes I don’t get any at all;   other times they keep pouring in. Continue reading Hello, blog!

Meeting BB Gandanghari – Thoughts on Acceptance and Respect

The bloggers’ meet-and-greet with BB Gandanghari was set at Mag:net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street.

Because we heard traffic was so bad that day, Julie and I decided to take public transport – MRT from North Avenue to Buendia, and cab to Boni High. Travel time was just a little over an hour. Had we taken the car and EDSA, it would have been double the time.

So, we arrived early at the event, which was organized by the Philippine Online Chronicles (POC), and were greeted with this BBeautiful tarp standee – 

Julie and I shared a table with bloggers Noemi and Dine (who were the afternoon’s hosts), Cookie, Salen, and Sasha of Style Manila. BB arrived past 4pm, and she readily took the hot seat on stage. 

She candidly answered all questions thrown her way. Be it about her diet or her mother, she answered them in all honesty. It struck me that BB is so articulate. Continue reading Meeting BB Gandanghari – Thoughts on Acceptance and Respect