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Weekly Question: What man jobs can iMom do?

This week’s question from Julie’s GreenBucks is:

What man-jobs can you do?


I drive my kids everyday (kulang nalang mag-enrol ako sa truck driving school!)… although driving is now not just a man’s job anymore. I know many women who drive for their husbands! So, okay. Driving is NOT a man-job. *cross out*

I clean the car… Wash it, “tire-black” it, vacuum it. Hmmm. This is NOT a man-job either. Not anymore. *cross out*

I sometimes do minor repairs such as putting back the broken towel rack, or troubleshooting a leaky pipe. I don’t wonder anymore why things are always broken at home. I’m the handy(wo)man!

Oh yeah, this one job my hubby hates: reading manuals of/figuring out/setting up gadgets and their cables. Needless to say, all electronic and techno tasks are mine.

Medyo nahirapan akong mag-isip ng man-job. Truth is, the line is becoming blurrier. Women are now more comfortable doing man-jobs.

And men are, well, happily handing over their gloves. 😛

Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

A few nights ago, over dinner –

imom: Patchy, I heard something in school today.

iPatch (defensive look): hmm? What?

imom: That you have a big crush on this boy J, and it’s quite big news daw among the grade fives!

iPatch: Huh? Not true!

VGood (butts in): It’s true! She told me she has a crush on J… And so I told J! *hihihihi*

iPatch: Aha, ikaw nagsabi?? Eh hindi naman yung J na yun. There’s another J, yun ang crush ko. *twinkling eyes*

Technohub: Ay, Patch, you don’t go around telling boys you like them. Pag nalaman niya, manliligaw sa ‘yo, kasi alam niyang gusto mo siya.

imom: Basta, ayoko yung J na ‘yun. Ang astig-astig, parang bully pa…

iPatch: Eh, hindi nga yung J na ‘yun! It’s the other J…

Technohub: Patchy, hindi bawal mag boyfriend ha, basta sabihin mo sa akin…

imom (chokes on food, gives hub the killer look): what da… ???!!! Continue reading Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

Birthday Thoughts

After 30, one stops counting.

I find this true. Because I’ve often had to pause and count when I am asked my age. It is not intentional; I simply really could not recall!

And it’s not just me. I have several friends who get this too. Okay? I’m not getting forgetful. It’s not just me getting forgetful.


Technohub-by surprised me with a birthday gift last week – a Canon SX100 IS. I was hoping for an Acer Aspire One. Or an Asus Eee 901. Or, heck, a diamond ring. (hehe) Oh well… But I am happy with the camera. I love its nifty 10x optical zoom (pang Veronica Mars! Okay, Nancy Drew, for those who don’t know Ms. Mars), and the 2.5 LCD screen. It’s also got a full-manual mode, so I could make photography difficult anytime I want to. 😛

My antique Olympus Mu-100 can finally retire (it’s not even Google-searchable anymore. LOL).

Thank you, hub, for the new toy. Mwah!


If not of my antiquity, birthdays serve to remind me that I am blessed with thoughtful, loving family and friends.

Thank you, dear family and friends, for the beautiful thoughts and wishes. I appreciate them all. 😀

Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260

Konka-what? Konka-who???

I’ve seen Konka TVs… but Konka Phones?

On his latest trip to Shanghai two weeks ago, Technohub bought a dual-SIM touch-screen phone – the Konka E260.

Hub has 3 phones – one for Smart, one for SunCellular, and another for his PLDT Landline Plus. It really gets quite confusing inside his gadget bag when one of the 3 starts ringing! (Don’t ask what happens when all three start ringing altogether!) So that was his primary concern when he wentlooking for a mobile phone. He wanted a dual-SIM phone. Continue reading Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260

I’m Back and Alive Again

Yup, my PC had another bout of conking. This after I blogged last week on backing up my files. Aaargh! One fine morning a few days ago, I turn on my PC and it doesn’t get past this blue screen that says: unmountable_boot_volume.

Thanks to a very dear friend’s office tech-guy, Mr. Dr. B (salamat, doc!), my PC has been revived back to life. He suggested, though, that I back up my files in CDs, or flash disks, or even at 4shared.com. Ah, it’s a shame that I even blogged about it, but was not fast enough to be ready for this conk-out. Oh well… Such is life…


The hub’s office has been badly affected by the most recent typhoon. Outside, flood waters reached thigh levels! Inside the office, a few office supplies were damaged. Thanks to the staff’s foresight (and hub’s prodding), all stock items were safely brought to higher levels.


The technohub is stranded somewhere in China! Due to the ravaging of a storm (that was called Frank while in the Philippines), flights from Chongqing to Hong Kong (his connecting port) have been canceled since yesterday. I don’t mind how many times the airline will have to cancel the flight, as long as they fly when it’s definitely, surely safe.

Hang in there, hub. I’ll see you tomorrow, I hope! We miss you. (The kids definitely do – Nate misses your morning-ritual drive around the village; VGood misses hugging your soft tummy to sleep; and Patch the allowance that comes from your pocket. hehe).