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On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

I’ve had experience using different brands of phones (usually unlocked phones) , having owned phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and, now, Samsung. I can say that these brands have varying degrees of user-friendliness. Some take a bit of getting used to, such as when I shifted for the first time from Nokia to Sony Ericsson. It took me minutes to complete a text on the SE, but I soon got the hang of it.

Shifting to Samsung wasn’t bad either. I first had the Samsung Star-W, a touch-screen budget phone with wifi access. It was fairly easy to navigate and figure out. Currently, my phone is the Samsung Omnia Pro. Its OS is Windows Mobile. And I don’t know whether to love it or chuck it!

Well, most of the time I love it naman, except during the times when I’m on Wifi and get idle for a few seconds, the connection is cut and so I have to re-connect again… Or when I can’t find my fave playlists because I have to look in three different places (internal memory, device memory, external memory)… Or when I’m suddenly connected to the internet via my mobile network (until now I still cannot figure out how that happens!)… OR when I have to press a lot of keys and go through a lot of menus to get to the page/app/function I want to go to.

Over-all, the Omnia Pro isn’t so sucky. Only, it sucks a lot during the sucky moments.

So what’s the conek with blogging platforms? Someone said to me on Plurk – Joomla is the Samsung of blogging platforms (or to that effect). Continue reading On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

Birthday Thoughts

After 30, one stops counting.

I find this true. Because I’ve often had to pause and count when I am asked my age. It is not intentional; I simply really could not recall!

And it’s not just me. I have several friends who get this too. Okay? I’m not getting forgetful. It’s not just me getting forgetful.


Technohub-by surprised me with a birthday gift last week – a Canon SX100 IS. I was hoping for an Acer Aspire One. Or an Asus Eee 901. Or, heck, a diamond ring. (hehe) Oh well… But I am happy with the camera. I love its nifty 10x optical zoom (pang Veronica Mars! Okay, Nancy Drew, for those who don’t know Ms. Mars), and the 2.5 LCD screen. It’s also got a full-manual mode, so I could make photography difficult anytime I want to. 😛

My antique Olympus Mu-100 can finally retire (it’s not even Google-searchable anymore. LOL).

Thank you, hub, for the new toy. Mwah!


If not of my antiquity, birthdays serve to remind me that I am blessed with thoughtful, loving family and friends.

Thank you, dear family and friends, for the beautiful thoughts and wishes. I appreciate them all. 😀

Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260

Konka-what? Konka-who???

I’ve seen Konka TVs… but Konka Phones?

On his latest trip to Shanghai two weeks ago, Technohub bought a dual-SIM touch-screen phone – the Konka E260.

Hub has 3 phones – one for Smart, one for SunCellular, and another for his PLDT Landline Plus. It really gets quite confusing inside his gadget bag when one of the 3 starts ringing! (Don’t ask what happens when all three start ringing altogether!) So that was his primary concern when he wentlooking for a mobile phone. He wanted a dual-SIM phone. Continue reading Technohub’s New Gadget: Konka E260