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New Tang Pulpy Juice with real pulp bits

Some weeks ago, I posted here about the mystery cake with an embedded cellphone that was delivered at home. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the mystery was finally unveiled. The New Tang Pulpy Juice is launched!


tang pulpy juice mango

Tang pulpy juice orange

It was Tang’s launch of the new Pulpy line of powdered juices. I guess the cake with a pleasant surprise in the middle (tada- cellphone!) represented the new Tang with a pleasant pulpy surprise with each gulp.

Tang Pulpy Juice is the first powdered juice drink to contain real pulpy fruit bits.

That means the juice drink has more of the good stuff such as vitamins because it contains real mango bits (for Tang Pulpy Mango) and orange bits (for Tang Pulpy Orange).

Tang Pulpy is the perfect thirst-quencher for a hot, hot summer day. It’s also made more affordable because they now come in 1-liter sachets.