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Breakfast at Antonio’s | Tagaytay Road Trip

My friend, Cookie, bought some Deal Grocer vouchers for Breakfast at Antonio’s. So it was the perfect excuse to go on a road-slash-food trip. We finally made the Tagaytay road trip happen!

Breakfast at Antonio's tagaytay road trip

Our itinerary included the Mahogany Market and Bag of Beans. But first stop: Antonio’s.

The first time I went to Breakfast at Antonio’s, I was with hub and the kids. We did not eat though, only ogled at the beautiful place. LOL. I forced husband, however, to promise me we’d go back for a romantic dinner date. To date, the promise is yet to be fulfilled.


Breakfast at Antonio's tagaytay

Upon entering the doors of Antonio’s, we were greeted with this wonderful anteroom that had one wall full of family pictures of, I presume, Antonio. I think this room sets the mood for the rest of the restaurant – beautiful and elegant, yet warm and welcoming.

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Tagaytay Road Trip: Potter’s Ridge | Zipline

I love spur-of-the-moment things. And, most especially, this one! We went on a spontaneous Tagaytay road trip and stayed at Potter’s Ridge Hotel.
Potter's Ridge hotel tagaytay family trip

We’ve been meaning to go on a short trip out of Manila before school starts – maybe a Tagaytay road trip. But because hub is always swamped with work, we kept postponing the trip.

And then, a “pleasant” errand came up – Hub had to inspect a project site in Tagaytay! I thought the kids and I would tag along  in this Tagaytay road trip since it was a Saturday anyway. Then, of course, the next logical thing to do is to spend the night over since it would be Sunday the next morning.

So I immediately went online to search for hotels. The thing with having a big family such as ours – it’s difficult to find hotels that would allow us all (5 family members plus one yaya) in one room. Oftentimes, I’d be told to get two rooms, or settle for a more expensive family suite. I just wish hotels would be more family-friendly.

Tagaytay road trip ridge view

Then I found Potter’s Ridge through another blog.

Potter’s Ridge – don’t you just love the name? It’s actually named after the owner, Marissa Potter – a warm, friendly lady!

My family stayed at the Deluxe Family Room, which has a king bed and a twin. I loved the huge windows that open to a breathtaking view of Taal Lake  and the forests below.

Because it was a rainy day, the kids and ateJo were holed up and horsed around in the room all afternoon while hub and I visited the project site.

Tagaytay road trip family

It kinda sucked that all our plans of horse-backriding, kite-flying and Taal-trekking were junked because of the damp weather.

VGood even remarked: “We came here to watch Disney Channel and sleep???”

Sunday morning was cold and foggy, but it wasn’t raining anymore! Whoopee! We all got up early to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Continue reading Tagaytay Road Trip: Potter’s Ridge | Zipline