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Star apples, Lolo’s roof and childhood summers

Along with mangoes, the caimito (star apple) is one of my favorite summer fruits.

We bought this bunch, all 6 kilos of them, along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City for P200.00. They sell for P35/kilo, but cheaper when bought by 3 kilos at P100.

Caimitos remind me of childhood summer vacations spent at my grandparents’ home. My Lolo Indong (dad’s dad) is an agriculturist, and he has all sorts of plants and trees in his backyard. The caimito tree by the kitchen is one of our favorites to sungkit caimitos from. If I remember correctly, I think there was another caimito tree by uncle C’s bedroom. My cousins, sisters and I would climb out to the roof and pick the fruits from there.

Aaah, then there was the roof over Lolo‘s piggery. Continue reading Star apples, Lolo’s roof and childhood summers

Ocean Sky Monastery Buddhist Summer Camp

A mommy-friend invited my children to join this year’s summer camp at Ocean Sky Monastery in San Juan. It was a 12-day activity that taught our kids, among others, the basic techniques of Zen meditation and Chinese calligraphy. And – there is no fee.
From April 21st to May 3rd, my kids attended the summer camp (except for the days we we got sick).

Ocean Sky Monastery summer camp

The man in the picture above is the Grand Master Wei Chueh, founder of Chung Tai Chan Monastery.

The summer camp’s theme revolved around the Monastery’s four basic tenets:

  • respect for the elders,
  • compassion for children,
  • harmony with all humanity, and
  • truth in all endeavors.

And, that we can only do all four by transforming our thoughts. (yes, the it’s the real wisdom!)

Big words that deserve to be taught early on, whether Buddhist or not, don’t you agree? Continue reading Ocean Sky Monastery Buddhist Summer Camp

One warm summer day…

…my girls were too hot to wait for the real thing.

Earlier that day, hubby promised to bring them for a night swim to the village pool. But the afternoon heat was too unbearable for the girls.

So, with my permission, they each got two plastic baby tubs, filled them with water, and enjoyed batya-swimming and splashing for about 3 hours.


It’s nice to listen to the sweet chatter of little voices, and the candid talk that goes on when they think nobody is listening 😛 (I was blogging/spying from the room upstairs; I shot this from the window).

How do you and your kids beat this sweltering summer heat?

Missing My Baguio

I’ve been bloghopping over to Baguio Insider and surfing several other Baguio websites.

I yearn for my dear City.

I yearn to go see the annual Panagbenga Flower Festival.

I yearn to join my sisters as they prepare for the opening of our first business venture.

I yearn for Benguet coffee sipped with kamote bread at Cafe by the Ruins, or the lovely hot chocolate and mountain view at the Forest House terrace.

Heck, I yearn for Yellow Cab (or Don Henrico’s) pizza eaten al fresco on the verandah of SM!

I yearn to go watch the kids horseback-riding in John Hay or chasing butterflies in Burnham Park.

I yearn for pine trees with the bluest-blue Baguio sky as backdrop.

The fact that I’m sweating as I write this doesn’t help.Two weeks ago, Manila, along with the rest of the country, experienced some cool weather brought about by cold winds blowing from the North Pole. The cold spell was forecasted to last two weeks. Could you imagine my joy?

But short-lived was my joy. True enough, Manila heat has become sweltering two weeks later. According to Weather.com, it’s 31 degrees Celsius this afternoon, but feels like 36! Oh yes, summer is officially here. The heat is expected to intensify even more due to the El Nino Phenomenon.

Up in my highland home, it is probably more than 10 degrees cooler. During summer, it does get hot, but still way cooler than in the lowlands.

Thank goodness, school will be out early for my kids this year. That means our annual Baguio summer vacation is barely four weeks away. Can’t wait!