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Sleep apnea: my roomie snores

Now I understand why many old couples sleep in different bedrooms when they reach a certain age. They can’t stand each other’s snores. For many, many years, they have probably endured each other quirks, and found them bearable. But to lose sleep because of someone else snoring – that is bad trip! Sleep apnea is no joking matter.

Imagine what happens when you lack sleep: you’re dizzy, sleepy, ergo, cranky all day.

Case in point: my parents. For the past 3 years (at least), they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms. Not because they can’t live with each other anymore (uhh, well, yeah, sometimes siguro, hehe), but because the other can’t sleep while one is snoring so loudly.

So now I see the future of our senior years: separate rooms. Grabe maghilik si hub. More often, I can’t sleep because I watch him as he goes into brief moments of apnea. I sometimes count 15, 20 seconds before he takes a very deep, almost gasping breath. At times, I have to shake him to make sure he wakes up to take the next breath.

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