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Shu Uemura beauty loot | White Recovery EX

A few months ago, I blogged about having claimed my Php10,000-worth of gift certificates from Shu Uemura. Back in December, I joined an online rafflle promo of Visa and I was one of the lucky consolation prize winners! So I finally was able to get my Shu Uemura beauty loot.
shu uemura beauty loot mascara

After the Expo Mom event at Rockwell on Mother’s Day, I was finally able to use the GCs at the Shu Uemura Boutique. Accompanied by Julie, I splurged all 10k!

I decided to get skin care products because I rarely wear makeup. Besides, it’s good investment for the future.

So how far did the 10K worth of GCs get me? Here is my Shu Uemura beauty loot.

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The Shus are here!


I finally was able to claim the Shu Uemura gift certificates that I won from Visa’s Holiday Treats Promo. Woohoo!

I am never patient with filling up raffle tickets, because I know for a fact that I never win. You know… There are lucky people, and then there’s me, haha. As in: In company Christmas draws where they give away sucky items, I get to bring home the one that sucks most! LOLZ

So, anyway… I found out about the promo in a flyer that came with my billing statement. First prize was a one-day shopping spree at a mall of winner’s choice with a whopping budget of a hundred grand pesoses! That was more than enough to entice me!

So even if joining meant filling up entries online (it was quite tedious), I did so almost religiously. But of course, I had no expectations, given my unsuccessful history with raffle draws ‘no!

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