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Photo Hunt: ANYthing – Serene Serendra

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This week on tnchick.com, the theme for the Photo Hunt is ANY PHOTO.

One cool morning in February, my husband, kids and I found ourselves at the Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio. Husband’s work brought us there at such an early hour. All shops were still closed. The place looked lovely when deserted! It was almost serene. How apt – serene Serendra.

Serendra Deserted

The open spaces and runway-looking fixtures were too tempting. So my kids decided to stage a fashion show/photo shoot. 😛 Continue reading Photo Hunt: ANYthing – Serene Serendra

On Breakfasts, Awards and Socialization

One of the legit fears I had upon resigning from my job three years ago was the imminent death of my social life. During the first few months of WAHMing, I complained to my husband about feeling out of touch, out of the loop, just plain out. Up to now, friends from work joke about my “extreme need craving for socialization”.

So imagine how surprised my good friend Mara was when, on Tuesday morning, she was at my doorstep for chitchat and breakfast. And imagine further the shockp1010758-small_edited.JPG when she found out I was out. Not driving the kids, but having breakfast with friends. “She has new friends?” She called me to ask: “Where are you?” (It’s good to shock her once in a while, since it’s me who is always surprised with her unannounced visits.)

Where was I? Having breakfast with bloggers at Portico 1771 in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City! Continue reading On Breakfasts, Awards and Socialization