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Healthy lunch cooking demo with Nadine Tengco

Like most mommies, I try to give my kids yummy and nutritious school lunches most of the time. But my two girls are growing up, and their taste buds are becoming more discriminating – demanding could be a fitter term. They easily get bored with their school lunches so I need to vary the menu. So when I got invited to a cooking demo with Nadine Tengco, health guru and nutritionist, I couldn’t pass up.

Last week I watched Chef Bruce Lim whip up an easy but delish Asian Stir-fried pasta dish. A few weeks back, there was a Korean cooking demo at the girls’ school where I learned how to make Korean seafood rice roll and authentic Chap Chae (which I’ve yet to blog about, by the way).

So last Friday, I went to a cooking demo with Ms. Nadine Tengco on healthy lunch box recipes at SM North Edsa Active Fun.

Healthy lunch cooking demo with Nadine Tengco Soyami Chips

Nadine Tengco, a US-certified nutritionist, is the fitness nutritionist of the TV show Pinoy Biggest Loser. She advocates eating – yes, eating –  instead of reducing food intake to lose weight. (Hmmm, I like her a lot na!)

Friday’s cooking demo with Nadine Tengco was all about healthy school lunch boxes. Nadine showed us how to prepare healthy snacks that kids can bring to school and actually eat (not give away to classmates, hehe) using Soyami Chips.

Healthy lunch cooking demo with Nadine Tengco Apples Morales Soyami Chips
Top: Ms. Apples Morales of Soyami and Active Fun assists Ms. Nadine Tengco during the cooking demo. Bottom (photo courtesy of Soyami Marketing): The mommy bloggers pose with Apple.

Adding soya is an excellent way of improving the nutritional value of a meal. It helps to decrease fat and cholesterol, while increasing fiber content. Soyami Chips are MSG-free, GMO-free, transfat-free, and made from 100% soya. So adding Soyami to our kids’ school lunches is an easy and yummy way of making their meals more nutritious.

Healthy lunch recipes cooking demo with Nadine Tengco
Sneaky Mac n’ Cheese, Sneaky Tuna Nuggets make sneaky-healthy school snacks.

Here are the recipes.

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What’s in Your Lunchbox: Chicken Tocino

Today, my kids, hub and I are having chicken tocino for lunch. It’s not so obvious that this is a favorite packed lunch of the family. 😀 Lately though, my family has been having more fruits and veggies. So I threw in some fresh pineapples into my lunch.

While on a client visit in Tagaytay, Hub bought fresh whole pineapples there for only Php25 apiece (about USD 0.50!). Tagaytay pineapples are sweet and fragrant. Of course, they are supposed to bring good luck for the Chinese New Year.

More school lunch ideas at the Filipino Mom Blog. Go and check it out!

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In Our Lunch Box – Pork Patties and Mushrooms

Last Wednesday, my kids and hub took a break from chicken and had pork patties with mushroom.

The patties (made of ground pork, minced onions, minced carrots, eggs, and flour… salt and pepper of course…) are browned in a little bit of canola, and then set aside to drain. Sauce is prepared by sauteing garlic, onions and mushrooms in butter; soy sauce is used to season and make the sauce brown. I use cornstarch to thicken the sauce.

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In the (Lunch) Box – Part 3

Today my hub and kids had to bring different lunches to school. Patch, who is still nursing a little bit of pain from her braces adjustment last Saturday, wanted something soft and easy.

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