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V Quips are back!

Actually, V has had a lot of bloggable quips since the school year began. But I haven’t had time to capture them in text or in photos. Finally here they are, though no photos yet.


On the way home from school one afternoon. In the background on the radio, there’s a contest being held for Supafest tickets. Give the correct answer to the question and you win tix. Question: What do you call the plastic at the ends of shoelaces?

V (in a calm voice): Aglets

Me: What?

V: Aglets. The answer is aglets.

Me: Where did you learn that?

V: From TV! I learned it from Phineas and Ferb. TV rocks!

Unfortunately, we were not fast enough to text the answer. Pffffft.


From a Filipino subject seatwork. Topic:  Pangngalang pantangi at pambalana. Panuto: Tukuyin kung ang salita ay pambalana o pantangi. Kung pantangi, isulat ang salitang pambalanang katumbas nito.

So far lahat naman okay, until…

Ateneo de Manila –> pantangi –> pandesal –> isang malaking X mula sa guro!

Me: Ano ‘to? Bakit pandesal??

V: Eh kasi it sounded like Pan de Manila eh…


Topic in English is how to use the dictionary, so she has been practicing searching for words in it. One day, she sounded… hmmm.. I dunno, parang excited or intrigued.

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Ignored to the 5th level

Scene: In the classroom, during lunch time. V has just finished eating her lunch and wants to go somewhere. She encounters a classmate’s bag blocking the way.

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (goes on eating lunch)

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (No reaction pa rin)

V: Excuuuuse me.

Classmate: ….. (deadma)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuse me!

Classmate: ….. (lamon pa rin. Walang naririnig.)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee!

Classmate: ….. (super mega deadma talaga)

V: (in her thoughts) Ah ganun ha!

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Pre-schooler Nate

(This is yet another quickie… )

Tomorrow marks Nate’s third week in nursery school. He’s been doing great, except for two episodes of crying. Both were caused by a craving for the bottle. Nate is turning four in a few weeks, but he is not yet weaned from the bottle.

We’re working on that now, reducing his milk intake to just 5 ounces per bottle, at about, hmmm… maybe just 4 or 5 bottles a day. (I think Nate will feel so deprived with just 4, haha.)

Luckily, he “agreed” to drinking milk from a glass instead of the bottle when in school. (Yup, this little boy knows how to negotiate…. Negosyante in the making? hehe)

Other significant developments, aside from the bottle withdrawal-induced meltdowns, are: Continue reading Pre-schooler Nate

Summer’s over, back to regular programming

Finally, the frequent afternoon rain showers lately have given Metro Manila residents some respite from the heat. Of course when it’s not cloudy or raining, the humidity and heat is still bad. But hey, at least we get cooler air after the brief showers.

But this also means summer is officially over, and, oh yes, indeed it’s back to school soon! In fact for my kids, that’s just in *deep breath* 7 days! Arrggh! I can’t believe it. Summer just breezed through!

You know what, it’s a shame but my family did not even get to go on one beach trip. Sucks eh? Now it’s too late to be planning something like that, though actually it’s what hub and I was talking about before we went to sleep last night.

Anyway, POC Wellness has a back-to-school theme going on. I thought the parents who read my blog might want to check out the articles and find something helpful: Continue reading Summer’s over, back to regular programming

I Can Haz Separation Anxiety??

Finally, after over 3 months of summer vacation and of almost non-stop rowdy play at home, my two girls went back to school yesterday. I should be feeling relieved, glad for peace and quiet once more.

But what was that tiny kurot, kirot I felt the night before they went back to school? I was actually dreading it??!!

Yeah. I guess we never outgrow them. And I find this cliche – they will always be our babies – truer than ever. The house feels empty without those two girls (and with Nate on *sleep mode*). For a few moments after dropping them off on the first day of school, I felt alone in the quiet car, I thought I’d get lost and need gps systems to guide me. (awwww-ayyyy, haha! 😛 )

Now I really wonder how I’d feel when one of them gets a boyfriend or worse, a husband!!! *shudders*

That’s too much forward-thinking, hehehe. Back to the present…

I am happy that we enjoy every moment of bonding with each other. And yeah, call me smug, but I’m glad I felt this separation anxiety. It somehow brings comfort that I can still get it.

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