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San Juan Beach La Union on a sunny December day

During the Christmas break in Baguio, my family went on a trip to San Juan Beach La Union, which is just about an hour and a half from the mountains.

San Juan Beach La Union is the surfing capital of the North, and now I know why. The waves are huuuuuge! As in throw-you-around huge!

During the summer season, San Juan beach gets pretty crowded. But we were lucky that day because there were very few beach-goers and it was very quiet. Our family practically had the whole beach to ourselves. The beach was also very clean. This place gets two thumbs up from my family.

San Juan was so serenely beautiful that I made up my mind – I’m going to retire there. How can anyone be not peaceful and peace-loving when he/she is surrounded with so much beauty?

San Juan Beach La Union surfing capital

No, we didn’t go surfing. But we had a smashing time crashing against the waves as they came in. Continue reading San Juan Beach La Union on a sunny December day