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Six tiny tips for a disaster-free gift giving season

‘Tis the season of giving.

But not all of us have the luxury of time, so that we’re done gift-shopping as early as October. Or the luxury of wealth, so that we’re not constrained by budget. Or the gift of gifting, so that all recipients of your gifts jump with joy when they open the package.

I’m no expert in gift-giving either. I’ve had my share of tacky gifts, both as giver and receiver. So here are some small lessons I’ve learned through experience, or the experiences of friends, for a hopefully disaster-free gift giving season:

1. Regift with caution. if you don’t like a present, pass it on to another family member who might like it (cross your fingers, eyes and toes he/she doesn’t hit you with it, if it’s that tacky!), the house help (I find my ates just love it when I give them stuff), the friendly neighborhood mailman or street-sweeper. Or donate it to charity. I’m pretty sure the gift is not that bad and, somehow, someone in this big world will find some good use for it.

There are instances, though, when regifting is permissible – such as when you pass on to your niece a totally acceptable but so girlie gift that your son gets.

2. If you must regift, follow the cardinal rule of regifting – don’t get caught. Do not do it within the same circle of people from which the gift came. Well… unless of course you want the giver to know how tacky/unwanted the gift is. (But I find that kinda mean and so not-in-the-Christmas-Spirit… ).  Besides, the truth finds beautiful/amusing/shocking ways of letting itself out.

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If you must regift…

… read this article on Regifting 101 first. 


Breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I have been meeting for breakfast since December rolled in. Actually, we’re gym buddies, but because we both “froze” our gym accounts this month (my silly excuse is “I’m gonna be soooo busy.” Yeah, right), we have nowhere to go to after bringing the kids to school… (sooooo busy daw???)


Back to breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I were getting ready to order when she said – 

“Ah, alam mo, yung tops na bigay mo sa akin? Kaparehas ng birthday gift sa akin ni Tentay… as in exactly the same.”

iMom: “Aaahh… Talaga. Huh??? Ganun bigay ko sa kanya nung birthday nya ah…”

Buddy: “Aahhh…” (Now probably feeling bad she opened her mouth.) 


Tentay recycled my gift to her. Within the same circle of friends!!! Now, that‘s a brave move. Continue reading If you must regift…