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Nomnomnom Happy Food vegetarian restaurant

A friend, Ria, and I met up a few days ago for lunch at Nomnomnom Happy Food. (Her treat, yay!)

I’ve probably passed by Nomnomnom a thousand times because it’s in my route going to the kids’ school. The first time I saw the signage, I remember thinking “what kind of a name is that?” At the same time, it stirred curiosity to find out what it was all about.

Nomnomnom Happy Food has an unassuming appearance from the outside. The ambiance inside, however, is cozy and quaint, with a lot of quirky points of interest.

Nomnomnom Happy Food vegetarian restaurant

 I love the walls of frames, bird houses, the “something good” mural. My favorite and the happiest detail to me is the wall with wooden-clipped photos.

Spinach #enchilada at @nomhappyfood. Vegetarian food that my kids and hub can eat. #vegetarian #food

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Chicken Charlie Korean style fried chicken

I got my first taste of Chicken Charlie a few nights ago when Hub brought home some takeout for dinner.

chicken charlie

The package had a warning at the bottom that said: “The chicken you are about to experience is highly addictive.”

I’ve read mixed reviews about Chicken Charlie. Some raved; others were bleh about it. Continue reading Chicken Charlie Korean style fried chicken

My Adarna Food and Culture experience

I’ve heard about Adarna Food and Culture before, and planned several time to go and see what the raving is all about. Adarna is very near my area of residence, and it won’t take 20 minutes for me to get there. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting that fact.

Until one day, Anna Manila and I planned to meet. She suggested Kanin Club, but I remembered my horrendous experience with my family there recently, where we had to wait over a hour for our orders that never came! (The waiters kept saying our food was coming, but when we saw that other tables who got there after us were being served ahead of us, we decided to get up and go to the resto next door instead because most probably some genius staff forgot to relay our orders. My kids were already groaning and whining!)

Anyhoo, back to Adarna… Oh, it was a lovely date! I plan to bring my kids there one day soon, because lunch at Adarna isn’t just lunch. It’s a cultural experience. So many beautiful things all around you – demijohns on shelves, old memorabilia on Pinoy pop culture, intricate dishes, bowls and vessels (no vintage enamel cookware on display though), old photos and posters, beautiful light fixtures, so many old stuff that will remind you of lola. It’s a visual feast! It would be good to bring the kids there so they see how beautiful and rich Filipino culture and food are.

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Shareable Platters at TGI Friday’s

Some weeks ago, the shareable platters at TGI Friday’s was launched, along with its party pitchers. I was fortunate enough to be invited along with Jane, a mommy blogger friend, to sample the new offerings.

The shareable platters at TGI Friday’s actually consist of best-selling appetizers and entrees. So instead of being confused with which to order, fans can now order everything they like in one shareable platter.

Shareable platters at TGI Friday's buffalo wings, seafood

Jane and I were able to sample the Triple Chicken Sampler (upper right in photo; P925), the Seafood Platter (lower left; P945) and the Strawberry Lemonade Slush (P345 per huge pitcher good for 4-5 persons).

Mara, my offline BFF-slash-ex-boss, loves Friday’s Buffalo Wings, most especially the blue cheese dip. When we worked together, we’d sometimes go to Friday’s  whenever she was struck with a craving for the wings and blue cheese dip. I, on the other hand, love the Chicken Quesadillas. So now we can both look forward to getting both, along with Sesame Jack Chicken Strips, in one platter – the Triple Chicken Sampler.

I loved how tender and fresh the fish fillets were in the Seafood Platter – it was my favorite that night.

Other shareable platters are: Filipino Platter (P1225) which has pork liempo, pork adobo and half of a roasted chicken; and Jack Daniel’s Sampler (P1285) which has TGI Friday’s signature Jack Ribs, shrimps, and Sesame Jack chicken strips.

One other time after this event, I went back with my school mommy friends and our kids. We ordered the Triple Chicken Sampler, among others. We also tried the Gold Mango Margarita pitcher (P445) which came free with the platter (as part of an ongoing promo). Because I don’t really drink alcohol, it was good enough for me. My other mommy friend, however, found it lacking in spirit.

Over-all, the shareable platters at TGI Friday’s have good value-for-money, being huge enough for 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 (depending on appetite degrees).