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Cebu Pacific Piso Seat Sale – Fail!

Last Friday, I got all giddy and excited as soon as I opened the email announcement about the Cebu Pacific piso seat sale.

CEB allots 100,000 seats for our sought-after P1 seat sale to all destinations!
Travel June 15 to September 30, 2010.

So I went to the website and started looking into the dates I wanted. Unfortunately, most of the weekends on my preferred dates had no promo rates. I had to check my 2010 calendar, and finally found some weekdays in August where I think I will be able to squeeze in a few days off with the hub.

Now with my dates, I started searching again. Bummer – no more promo seats in the more popular destinations. And the site was sooooo sloooow. So I decided to call it a night.

Saturday afternoon. After losing internet connection all morning due to typhoon Santi, my modem blinks back to life. Guess what site I hit first? CEB’s, of course.

I checked Naga (jump-off point to CamSur). Well, whadya know? There are open seats! So I quickly grabbed the flights and went through the booking process. Bummer again – an error occurs after I enter my payment details.

“An error has occurred. Please try again. If the error persists, please contact the airline.”

There is a “Start Over” button at the bottom. So, thinking it was really an error, I clicked on the button and booked the Manila-Naga-Manila flight all over.

Bummer yet again –  error for the second time. Argh, this isn’t my lucky day. Well, the Naga getaway isn’t meant to be, I think to myself.

So again, I checked the less popular destinations. Aha, I see promo seats for Laoag. Hub and I have never been to Pagudpud. I’m getting these!

I go through the booking process again. But, guess what?? I get another error just right after entering my payment details!

Cebu Pacific piso seat sale error message

Error message while booking Cebu Pacific piso seat sale

At that point, I got a feeling that I should check with my credit card. So I immediately called Citibank. True enough, all three bookings were charged to my card.

I asked the Citibank customer service rep if there’s any way to reverse two of the three charges. I was told that I will have to speak with Cebu Pacific customer service. The rep also added that the charges will still float for 14 days until confirmed by Cebu Pacific.

I was calling the Cebu Pacific Metro Manila call center number  02 7020888 almost all afternoon but I could not get through. I decided to send an email instead. (As of writing time, my email remains unanswered.)

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