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Dashboard Lessons, Part 1: Mag-aral ng Mabuti

Whether I admit it or not, I like driving my kids.

Yes, it can get rowdy at the backseat sometimes. The bickering gets irritating. But driving them also gives me the chance to catch up with their lives, talk to them about various things, listen to their stories of the day.

On this day, the conversation kinda took a deep turn.


Scene: In the car, on the way home from school. Past 5 PM.

We drive by a public elementary school. It was dismissal time. Some kids were already on their way home, aboard tricycles. In front of our car was a slow-moving tricycle over-loaded with kids. The “back-load” (the seat space behind the driver) had 3 small kids around 7 years old seemingly piled on top of each other. In the sidecar – who knows how many are crammed in there.

I could only shake my head.

iMom: tsk, tsk tsk, tsk. Tingnan niyo yang mga bata. Kawawa naman. Pag na-aksidente sila, ano kaya mangyayari sa kanila? Grabe…

My two girls peek in front, but are silent for a while. Then VGood pops a question- Continue reading Dashboard Lessons, Part 1: Mag-aral ng Mabuti

Dear Mr. Art Teacher

Last night, I caught iPatch sniffing while working on her Art project. She started working on it as soon as she finished eating dinner.

iMom: Bakit? Anong problema?

Patch: Kasi ipa-pass na namin ‘to bukas, eh hindi pa ako tapos.

iMom: Bakit hindi mo natapos?

Patch: Kasi incomplete ang materials ko. Wala akong dalang box nung Monday.

iMom: Bakit hindi ka nagdala? We even went to the bookstore to buy the clay for this project, di ba?

Patch: Eh kasi the teacher announced about the box last Friday, lunch time. Wala ako sa classroom. Walang nagsabi sa akin.

iMom: So madami kayong walang box?

Patch (nods head): Tapos sabi ni Mr.D bawal daw gawin sa house. Dapat sa school lang during break time. If he finds out the project was done at home, zero na daw ang grade.

(iMom’s eyes narrow.)

iMom: And you only have Art class every Monday, right? And it’s only 40 minutes? Now he wants you to finish this complicated project in less than two days without working on it at home?

Patch nods to all of the above.

iMom: Okay, let’s get down to work. Akong bahala sa teacher mo.

Patch wipes her tears off. We work on the project ’til 10 pm.

After she went to bed, I went to the PC to write Mr.D a 409-word letter.

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Life 101: Househelp Blues and Parental Presence

Three weeks ago, VGood’s English teacher Mrs. M, newly employed by the school this year, was absent for several days. I assumed she resigned, and was even feeling bad because she is a good teacher. She handled her class very well, was approachable, and spoke good English. It was the school’s loss, I thought.

Two weeks ago, my girls and I went to V’s classmate’s birthday party. I saw Mrs. M there. Carrying her two-year old daughter, she said she was just dropping by to say good-bye to her students. Things happened so suddenly. She had just filed her formal resignation that Friday, she said.

Why? What happened? I asked.

Her eyes welled up with tears as, unconsciously, she drew her little girl closer to her. She told us (me and several other school moms) how her teenage son came home unannounced one afternoon and discovered his little sister tied to the stairs by the yaya! Continue reading Life 101: Househelp Blues and Parental Presence

iPatch is Eleven!

Yesterday, my lovely daughter, iPatch, turned 11. In two years, she will officially be a teenager. How I wish time would stand still.

Patch is a typical big sister. In school, I was told by her teacher that she always volunteers to help in projects and tasks. Here at home, she likes to baby-sit little brother Nate, and break up fights between him and VGood. At times, she teaches V her lessons.

She also has an ongoing affair with books, specifically Nancy Drew books.  Since last year, she has read 20 of the super-sleuth books (she keeps a record). I encouraged her to read because it will greatly help her in her English lessons. Now she knows I was correct. She’s breezing through her English tests.

Patch loves to have fun. She is bubbly, funny, friendly, talkative (too much, i think). She is also smart –  the brains behind certain protests in the past. 😀

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful daughter.


Happy birthday, Dear Patchy. You’re 11 now, but don’t grow up too fast. iMom isn’t ready just yet. I Love you.

On Rainy Afternoons and Simple Fun

The past several days, Metro Manila has had really sizzling hot weather! It’s been hot, humid, sticky days. And, almost without fail, it rains in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s just a drizzle. On other days, it’s a downpour.

On hot days like these, I wish I had a pool I could dip into anytime, or at least a bath tub (with some sleek Grohe fixtures) where I could relax while cooling down… Anyhoo, back to reality (the heat is making me delirious)…

The other day, there was a heavy downpour. VGood asked if they could play in the rain. Please, please, please, pretty pleeeaase, she begged.

I said okay – she did not have to beg me much. Oh they were so happy! In my heart, I was happy watching them have fun too, kahit mababaw lang.

Sometimes, I just let them be. They’re just kids anyway. (And, oh no, it’s absolutely not true that letting kids play in the rain will make them sick. 😉 )

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