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Ignored to the 5th level

Scene: In the classroom, during lunch time. V has just finished eating her lunch and wants to go somewhere. She encounters a classmate’s bag blocking the way.

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (goes on eating lunch)

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (No reaction pa rin)

V: Excuuuuse me.

Classmate: ….. (deadma)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuse me!

Classmate: ….. (lamon pa rin. Walang naririnig.)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee!

Classmate: ….. (super mega deadma talaga)

V: (in her thoughts) Ah ganun ha!

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On restful baby sleep… and other things nostalgic

When Nate was younger (and a lot smaller), he used to love listening to classical music while sleeping. I’d play a Mozart CD or that free classical baby CD I got from a milk company rep when I was working for the pharma industry. The soothing piano music lulled him to sleep, and he’d snooze all afternoon.

Yep, he was a calm baby. I had no problems at all putting him to sleep when he was younger. Common sleep aids I often had to employ for my two other kids were dancing and singing – done together! I remember when Patch was a baby, my sisters and I would lull her to the tune of Spice Girls songs (“Mama, I looooove youuuuu… mama, I caaare….”). For Nate, no such production numbers. All I had to do was slip his favorite CD into the player and he’s off to lala land.


I’m gazing now at Nate’s photo above and can’t help but feel nostalgic, awed at how small and cuddly and angelic he was… And I can’t help feeling bad that he is my last baby already. (Yep, our family plan specifically states “3 kids only.”) Three kids seem a lot these days, with most intentional families carefully planning and spacing childbirths. But really, kids – they grow so fast. And before you know it, they’re all grown up, living their own lives, at wala ka nang baby. 🙁

Aww, just let me be cheesy a bit. Tomorrow my baby boy turns four. He seems big for a four-year old. But he will always be my baby. Promise you dat. (Monster mom-in-law in the making, hehe)

The other day, my second baby girl V turned 9 naman. Nine! In a year, she will be in the two-digit age already, and, once puberty hits a child, there’s no stopping the growing-up already. Boohoo. Continue reading On restful baby sleep… and other things nostalgic

Welcome to Teenage Parenting

The teenage years – I now welcome this new phase into my parenting karir career.

Daughter Patch turned twelve early this month. She’s not quite into the teen years yet, but the inevitable changes are happening so fast. And I’m talking milestone after milestone here.

Days before her birthday, I noticed a tiny red bump on a corner of her nose – the official first zit.

A few days after her birthday, she finally volunteered to sleep in her own room – the official first solo night.

Despite wanting her to leave the family bed for the loooongest time (masikip na eh), I felt some pangs of separation anxiety that night. I went to check on her at 11 PM – she was snoring so soundly. *sigh*

Oh, the official first period? It happened months ago. (She is so gonna kill me for blogging this! )

Her taste in music is also shifting – from HSM and Camp Rock soundtracks to Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas and Greenday. (I’m surprised she knows Greenday!)

The other day, I was talking to a couple of mom-friends from school. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this girl and that boy already broke up; this boy likes this girl but the girl likes another boy; this girl is nursing a broken heart…

As a mom of a teenager, I get palpitations when I hear these things.

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Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

VGood’s and MagNate’s birthdays are only a week apart. In the past two years, we’ve been celebrating the double birthdays with out-of-town trips. Incidentally, both were at Subic (well yes, it’s one of our fave places).

This year, due to time and budget constraints, their birthdays were celebrated simply with the ceremonial birthday candle blowing and a family dinner.

Nate turned 3, while V is now 8.

Thanks to the gift certificates that I won from a blog-writing contest by Red Ribbon, I was able to save on the two kids’ cakes! Yay!

We loved Nate’s animal-designed cake. BUT- next time I’m only ordering white-icing cakes. No more food-colored icings. Why, you ask? Continue reading Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

I Can Haz Separation Anxiety??

Finally, after over 3 months of summer vacation and of almost non-stop rowdy play at home, my two girls went back to school yesterday. I should be feeling relieved, glad for peace and quiet once more.

But what was that tiny kurot, kirot I felt the night before they went back to school? I was actually dreading it??!!

Yeah. I guess we never outgrow them. And I find this cliche – they will always be our babies – truer than ever. The house feels empty without those two girls (and with Nate on *sleep mode*). For a few moments after dropping them off on the first day of school, I felt alone in the quiet car, I thought I’d get lost and need gps systems to guide me. (awwww-ayyyy, haha! 😛 )

Now I really wonder how I’d feel when one of them gets a boyfriend or worse, a husband!!! *shudders*

That’s too much forward-thinking, hehehe. Back to the present…

I am happy that we enjoy every moment of bonding with each other. And yeah, call me smug, but I’m glad I felt this separation anxiety. It somehow brings comfort that I can still get it.

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