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On parenting tweens and newborn babies

While I was writing this article for WMN.ph, I suddenly missed having a small baby! My three kids are, well, still kids, but far from the little babies they once were.

My youngest little boy is not so little anymore. Looking at this photo, where he looked so angelic and cuddly, I find myself wishing I could still have one more. (Wishful thinking!)

I now have a nearly-teener, and I’m beginning to feel the heartaches that come with parenting one. When she was a little girl, she never tired of my kisses and hugs… *sniff, sniff*

Writing this article made me realize how fast my kids have grown. Sometimes parents can get too caught up with the complexities of life that we fail to take note of the little things. Those little things can’t be brought back when their time have passed – the small hands that cup your face to give you a wet kiss, the hearty giggles, the house that can never be tidy for one full hour. One day these shall pass, I hope not too soon.

I know, I know, this is too much drama. I’m PMS-ing… and just had a squabble with my tween. 🙁 Where did my baby go? Continue reading On parenting tweens and newborn babies

Welcome to Teenage Parenting

The teenage years – I now welcome this new phase into my parenting karir career.

Daughter Patch turned twelve early this month. She’s not quite into the teen years yet, but the inevitable changes are happening so fast. And I’m talking milestone after milestone here.

Days before her birthday, I noticed a tiny red bump on a corner of her nose – the official first zit.

A few days after her birthday, she finally volunteered to sleep in her own room – the official first solo night.

Despite wanting her to leave the family bed for the loooongest time (masikip na eh), I felt some pangs of separation anxiety that night. I went to check on her at 11 PM – she was snoring so soundly. *sigh*

Oh, the official first period? It happened months ago. (She is so gonna kill me for blogging this! )

Her taste in music is also shifting – from HSM and Camp Rock soundtracks to Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas and Greenday. (I’m surprised she knows Greenday!)

The other day, I was talking to a couple of mom-friends from school. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this girl and that boy already broke up; this boy likes this girl but the girl likes another boy; this girl is nursing a broken heart…

As a mom of a teenager, I get palpitations when I hear these things.

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