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Saturday Photo Hunt: Colorful


This week’s theme is colorful.

My mama has a beautiful garden in our Baguio home. When the flowers are in full bloom, it is a colorful and refreshing sight to behold. She and dad love to spend hours and hours with their plants – watering, weeding, pruning, tinkering, transplanting (you’d think they were MDs!), whispering even. Gardening provides them much entertainment and fulfillment. When we get visitors, they would boast: how they propagated so many Vanda orchids from a single bulb they got in Davao…

“how big and beautiful the Vandas are!”… “Oh, they bloom so often, and they stay alive so long”….

“And those anthuriums? It took us years to propagate them…”

“Ah… This one, the Grandma Rose (and a long narrative ensues)…”

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