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iPatch is Eleven!

Yesterday, my lovely daughter, iPatch, turned 11. In two years, she will officially be a teenager. How I wish time would stand still.

Patch is a typical big sister. In school, I was told by her teacher that she always volunteers to help in projects and tasks. Here at home, she likes to baby-sit little brother Nate, and break up fights between him and VGood. At times, she teaches V her lessons.

She also has an ongoing affair with books, specifically Nancy Drew books.  Since last year, she has read 20 of the super-sleuth books (she keeps a record). I encouraged her to read because it will greatly help her in her English lessons. Now she knows I was correct. She’s breezing through her English tests.

Patch loves to have fun. She is bubbly, funny, friendly, talkative (too much, i think). She is also smart –  the brains behind certain protests in the past. 😀

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful daughter.


Happy birthday, Dear Patchy. You’re 11 now, but don’t grow up too fast. iMom isn’t ready just yet. I Love you.

The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

The other exciting personal pursuit I talked about in my previous post is The Filipino Mom Blog. And it is finally online!

How did this begin? It was never intended to be a full-blown blog project… All we – Cess, Cookie, Feng, Julie, Lynn, Wenchie and I – wanted to do initially was to blog about our eating conquests. But, well, now it seems we wanted to do so much more. 😀

What makes the FMB so interesting is how we were brought together. The seven of us met online as blogging moms. Because we lived near one another, we started organizing sporadic little meet-ups – for coffee, for dinner, for spa dates, even a picnic with the kids. Eventually, we became more real than virtual friends. We shared little victories, asked each other for advices, and simply enjoyed each one’s company. I realized how real and special our friendhip has become when I read about a wish that was granted… And I was part of that wish! (*sniff, sniff*)

Oh, we have many stories to share. I could go on and on and on. But I suppose you’d rather read about them at The Filipino Mom Blog. We hope our stories about family, friendships, food and everything in between will inspire you.

Reasons to love Mom!

best mom

Rachel tagged me with the Best Mom in The World tag. This is a meme – a belated Mother’s Day one – that honors the most important women on our lives. Tag along if you’d like to pay tribute to your own mom.

1. Bregie – her love for us is endless.

Bing – for us she is more than perfect!

Twerlyn – Because she loves me unconditionally.

4. Tasteful voyage , A mom’s note – raising her six children the best she could and now, her grandchild.

5. Supermodel Wannabe & Fun.Fierce.Fab – My Mom’s the BEST because she was able to raise us to be God fearing, respectful, responsible & open-minded. She’s the best. She’s like a friend & sister to me!

6. Hailey’s Domain & Hailey’s Beats and Bits
My Mama is the best because she was able to give birth and raise EIGHT kids; more than half of the time she was a single parent. She worked hard for us, prayed unceasingly for us and and sent EIGHT children ( all of her kids) to the same school (U.P.) , singlehandedly.

7. Rachel ~ Heart of Rachel & Soulful Thoughts – My mom gives me unconditional love. She has always shown me love, understanding, kindness and patience more than anyone else. I admire her devotion to our family because she thinks of us before herself. I love her very much.

8. iMoM – iMoMonline – Mama is a strong woman and has always had a positive outlook in life. During those difficult years, she did her best to make both ends meet by selling just about anything – from tocino and hotdogs to herbal supplements and fish oils. She loved Daddy and all six of her children untiringly. I love you, Mama!

9. Add your link here

Daiz, Raqgold, Cess, and Vlado&Toni – it’s your turn to tell us why your Moms are the best. 🙂

A Mother’s Love…

… is:

1. most evident during times of sickness.

2. most terribly missed when the sick person is a daughter-turned-mother.

I realized these two weeks ago as an insatiable germ ravaged through my household. When my two girls got sick at the same time, it was of course I who took care of them round-the-clock. Hubby tried his very best to help, especially when both ran high fevers simultaneously. But he was often so tired from work, he’d fall asleep even before he finished giving his patient a sponge bath.

And then, it was my turn to get sick- the most terrible part. For who takes care of mothers when they get sick? Don’t get me wrong. Husbands are wonderful; and I know mine did his best to be helpful and caring. But, well, I suppose they are he is not wired for gentle, motherly TLC-ing.

So, on those three nights that I was delirious with fortyish fever, I found myself softly crying:

*sniff, sniff* “Mama… huhuhu… Maaaa… huhuhu… Mamaaaa!”

I suddenly missed her.

A mother’s love one never outgrows. Even when I am 80, I will always look back to those days when my Mama showed extraordinary patience and selfless love.

To my dear Mama: Happy Mother’s Day! I miss you. I hope we will be able to come visit with the kids before summer vacation ends.

Mama and Nate, Christmas 2006

Mama and Nate (Christmas 2006)

And to all mothers in the world: thank you for making this world better, one child at a time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Back to Work

I’m so tired…

It was the first full day of school for my two girls. I was up at 5 am to prepare their lunches. (Shall I mention here how hard it was for VGood to swallow a spoon of her breakfast? I leave out the gory details.)

After the kids left with hub, I worked on the meal plan for the whole week. I wanted to blog this morning but my sister dropped by, and we got engrossed talking.

Before we knew it, it was almost twelve noon. I had to rush off to some errands before picking up daughter #2, VGood, from school. She had Chinese tutorials while I waited for Patchy, daughter # 1, to get off from school at 3pm. Her Chinese tutorials don’t start until tomorrow, so today we got home early.

At home, the girls and I went right down to business after they’ve had their snacks. VGood struggled with the first lesson in Reading class. We read the selection over and over and over and over. But she cannot seem to read half of the thing by herself no matter how many times we went through it. Patchy, as well, continued to have difficulty with the multiplication table, which she was supposed to have memorized two years ago. These exasperated i(rate)Mom. Extremely.

Not just another day in the life; it is the first day of school. And we – the kids, I, hub – will have to once again orient ourselves with the daily grind. The transition from carefree summer-mode to serious school-mode is not always easy. So I will do my best to be an understanding mother. And I will also do my best to make it a better school year for all of us.

Under New Management

1. In the past year, I have not been strict with enforcing the no-TV-on-weekdays rule. But I’m bent on enforcing it this time. On the kids and on me (well, at least not until they’re asleep).

2. I will be planning our meals on a weekly basis. Yeah, this is a first! When ate J was with me, I did not have to worry about meals. She knew how to cook, and what. Now that my helpers are new, I will have to plan and supervise all meal preparations, most especially the school lunches. I am actually excited with this particular change as I am discovering so many new recipes. Tonight, I made Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf (watch out for it on the Weekend Cook) that’s going to be school lunch tomorrow. I’ve got more surprises under my sleeves apron. I’m sure the kids (and hub who will also be getting his packed lunch as a spill-over effect) will look forward to their lunches everyday.

3. I will be blogging less. I need more help on this, so I am actually timing myself. An alarm will go off to signal the end of my daily 2 3-hour blogging session. *insert Taps bugle funeral song here* sniff sniff 🙁

4. Yesterday, we started throwing away trash – stuff that have not been used for ages, stuff that will no longer be useful, stuff that I’ve procrastinated parting with. Oh yes, Rach, it is catharsis! And the patio looks so much better uncluttered. I see this as an all-year-round project.

So there, summer is officially over. School is here. Welcome back to work, iMom!