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Trick-or-Treatin’ at Trinoma

Last Thursday, October 30th, the kids and I trooped to Trinoma for Wicked, Trinoma’s halloween event this year. We met up with Cookie and Julie, who also brought along their kids.

The kids were pretty excited, so we all woke up early. We got to the mall just before the 10am opening. I was just too ecstatic that my parking was only a few slots away from the mall entrance. “Woohoo! We’re so early, I’m sure there aren’t crowds yet!”


As we turned the bend towards the Mall Concierge where trick-or-treaters are supposed to register, we got a good view of the mob! The lines – 2 lines to serve three thousand expected participants – were so looooong already! Oh well…

The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.
The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.

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Rachel is my choice!

Heart of Rachel has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Award at this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. And my vote totally goes to her!

Rachel is one of the first bloggers (a mom at that!) I met online, and offline! The first time I met her, I thought that her sweetness and gentleness in her blog also shines through in her personality. She really is one of the nicest blog-friends around. I also love how she lovingly shares her daily family adventures through candid posts and photos. Her blog is one that you will easily enjoy reading.

Go, go, go Rach! (insert *Plurk‘s banana dance* here)

To vote for Rachel, please go here for the guidelines.

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On New Posts and Hopes for a New Business

Before anything else…

New Posts are up over at The Filipino Mom Blog:

*Feng shares tips on helping toddlers develop motor skills.

*Cookie writes about the delicate balance between our kids’ yaya-time and mom/dad-time.

*TeacherJulie gives us a sneak peek into the perks of homeschooling.

*Lady Cess has very nice ideas for destressing and for cleaning up the home, I’m sure you’ll like both. 😉

Go! Hop over to the FMB, and enjoy!


New Business

I’ve been thinking…

I think technohub should consider going into the business of pencils. It may prove to be very lucrative.

Just this week, VGood has consumed 6 – SIX! – pencils! And it’s only Thursday. That’s more than one pencil per day. Yesterday morning, I gave her a fresh, newly-sharpened Mongol. When she got home, it was short, dirty, the eraser gone.

The other day, I was scolding her for lending two pencils to a classmate who lost the first pencil she borrowed from V (that’s why V lent her a second one. Bait ni V, ano?). Of course, the borrower also lost the second pencil.

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The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

The other exciting personal pursuit I talked about in my previous post is The Filipino Mom Blog. And it is finally online!

How did this begin? It was never intended to be a full-blown blog project… All we – Cess, Cookie, Feng, Julie, Lynn, Wenchie and I – wanted to do initially was to blog about our eating conquests. But, well, now it seems we wanted to do so much more. 😀

What makes the FMB so interesting is how we were brought together. The seven of us met online as blogging moms. Because we lived near one another, we started organizing sporadic little meet-ups – for coffee, for dinner, for spa dates, even a picnic with the kids. Eventually, we became more real than virtual friends. We shared little victories, asked each other for advices, and simply enjoyed each one’s company. I realized how real and special our friendhip has become when I read about a wish that was granted… And I was part of that wish! (*sniff, sniff*)

Oh, we have many stories to share. I could go on and on and on. But I suppose you’d rather read about them at The Filipino Mom Blog. We hope our stories about family, friendships, food and everything in between will inspire you.

La Mesa Ecopark for family picnics

Well, it wasn’t exactly just a mommy picnic, because we most of us had kids in tow. (Mine were in full attendance!) Since it has been raining for several days prior to the picnic, I was worried we might be rained out. But I woke up that Friday morning to a beautiful sunny day! It was going to be a beautiful day out at the La Mesa Ecopark!

La Mesa Ecopark family picnic

Thanks, Cess, for this photo. Your big camera rocks! (Aww, look at Nate! He got those scratches on his nose from a fall 2 days before the picnic. 🙁 )

La Mesa Ecopark kids dayout

The kids had so much fun playing in the wide-open spaces. This log-turned-rocket ship provided them much amusement (and the mommies more free time to talk!). Continue reading La Mesa Ecopark for family picnics