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Happy Birthday, VGood!

Yesterday was Vera’s 7th birthday.

I originally planned to hold a party for her 7th and Nate’s 2nd (on July 6th). But technohub and I figured a family weekend getaway would be more economical (and hassle-free) than organizing a full-blown birthday bash. So yes, weekend getaway won over kiddie party. 😀

Since we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, we all went to the mall as usual. First stop, though, was at the department store – V wanted new shoes for her birthday. I don’t really spoil my kids; they’re used to the talk-to-the-hand sign whenever they point and say “I want this! I want this!” , so they eventually stop clamoring. But during special days such as birthdays and Christmas, they usually have their wishes granted. ( So far, no one has asked for the moon, so…) Continue reading Happy Birthday, VGood!

Kiddie Party or Weekend Getaway?

I’m torn.

VGood and Magnate are celebrating their birthdays soon – 7th and 2nd, respectively, just a week apart. I initially thought of planning just one party for both of them. That would be more cost-efficient. But as I drew up the guest list, I realized it won’t be a simple and small party as I initially intended it to be.

Nate has quite a number of playmates and fans (read: yayas of the playmates, hehe) in the neighborhood. Why, my son has a social life, after all! Of course, the ever-sociable VGood started naming all her friends in school, and even her Chinese tutors… In short, it seems I will go over the budget.

Then a thought occurred to me: why don’t we, instead, go on a getaway – someplace where there’s water, sand, horses and rest – even for just a weekend? I made a call to a beach resort we’ve been wanting to visit. The rates seem fair enough, and I’ve read good reviews. Compared to a kiddie party, we will spend just a little lesser with a family getaway, and still within the budget.

On the other hand, a kiddie party would surely be fun! Happy memories from celebrations are priceless treasures. But… so are family vacations, right?

Kiddie party vs. weekend getaway – the pros and cons are debating in my mind. Technohub has not been helpful at all, telling me “Ikaw na bahala dyan” each time I asked his opinion (buti sana kung hindi niya ako aawayin if we go over the budget). And with days coming and going so fast, I’m running out of time.

The kids… well, the kids like to have a party and go to the beach! (kaloka)

What do you think, friends? Help me make up my mind. I’d be grateful for your inputs. Any party venues you might suggest are also welcome. (Am running out of ideas!)


VGood’s Graduation Day

VGood is a big girl na, officially!

She graduated from Pre-School on April 1st. And though there were no medals or awards, she gets top honors in my heart! Her special guest was lolo SilverG, my dad (Scroll down the photo. See the man in purple? Yes, you’re looking at how I’d be looking 40 years from now if I were a man. 😀 ) Lolo sat in for technohub, who, AS USUAL, could not make it because the ceremony was too early (8am) and it was a hectic work day, AS USUAL.


Dear Little V,

We are all so proud of you. Know that you are special and loved for who you are. Your bright smile and cheerful voice bring so much happiness to everyone. Remember what I always tell you: when you’re big and old and already a mommy like me, it will not matter anymore if you had many medals in school. What matters is that you grow up to have strength of character and kindness in your heart. Then I will not worry about you. Then I will be sure you will do a better job than I am doing now.

Happy Holidays!

I know, I know… This blog has been so abandoned for the longest time. But, hey, at least I try to keep my holiday trimmings, err… uh, trimmed. hehe

My family and I are off to my mountain home in a few hours for the holidays. And, even if I’ve been a very bad blog-friend the past months, I just could not bear going without leaving a note for all ye who come to visit. So:

Merry Christmas!

To all my blog friends, thank you for the friendship. This year I found a few friendships that I know are for keeps. *aaawww* You are treasured and loved. 🙂

I am actually looking forward to spending time with my family and some very special friends in Baguio. I look forward to lighting up our backyard with a huge bonfire, and drinking some giddying tonic made by my sister Emac or one of my BILs… To cold late nights warmed by stories and laughter shared with my sisters… To cool days spent curling up and sleeping, or sipping coffee (and maybe whiffing a smoke or two, if dad is away! hehe) at the kitchen steps. (I’ve quit smoking years ago. But when I’m in Baguio, the temptation is just too hard to resist.)

I’m sure my kids look forward to riding horses and running in parks and playing with no end.

No matter what people say, that Baguio is now ugly and crowded and traffic and crass, it is still my home. And home is where the heart is.

Baguio, my Baguio, here we come!

(Now, off I must go, for I have barely two hours to pack… We leave at 7!)

A Year of Blogging, A Lifetime of Friendships

(This post slept on draft mode for a month. But better late than later – wisdom I got from Toni who has been saying it since high school. 😛 )


September 6th marks the first time I wrote an entry for this blog. One year ago, inspired by Vlado&Toni, I began the iMoM blog over at Blogger. I was clueless on what to blog about (though it seems not much has changed since). But I fired away, anyway.

One year and 140 posts later, much have transpired.

I am a frustrated writer, I think. (I doubt not the “frustrated” part, but the “writer” part.) There is truth in what annamanila wrote in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine issue last week. Like most bloggers, I “found instant gratification in blogging”. This has become my outlet – a channel for venting thoughts, whether sane or inane.

I have this nice, cozy home – my own domain, imomonline.net – because I won the anniversary contest at Noemi’s blog. I was so happy – it was the first time I ever really won a contest, and liked the prize too. Thank you again, Noemi! Maybe next year, I will also hold a blog anniversary contest. But what to give away? Doors, perhaps? 😛

More importantly, I have found new, wonderful friends. I discovered that cyber-friendships can be very real. To my real-world friends who still think blog-friendship is ridiculous, think again. I could say that my blog-friends know more about me than my real-life friends do.

What’s most wonderful is how the cyber-friendships have transcended into reality. We chat online, and chat some more over coffee. We visit each others’ cyber-homes a.k.a. blogs, and get together still for meet-ups. Blogging has opened up a whole new dimension in my social life (which, by the way, was almost non-existent about a year ago). If only for this, I am forever grateful I started blogging. 😀

To all my new-found friends and readers of this blog, thank you for taking time to visit. I appreciate the time you take to read and comment. You make blogging worth the while. Thank you, thank you.

I do not know for how long I’d be able to sustain this blog. I hope for many many years. But this is certain: I have made friends to last a lifetime.