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Rachel is my choice!

Heart of Rachel has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Award at this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. And my vote totally goes to her!

Rachel is one of the first bloggers (a mom at that!) I met online, and offline! The first time I met her, I thought that her sweetness and gentleness in her blog also shines through in her personality. She really is one of the nicest blog-friends around. I also love how she lovingly shares her daily family adventures through candid posts and photos. Her blog is one that you will easily enjoy reading.

Go, go, go Rach! (insert *Plurk‘s banana dance* here)

To vote for Rachel, please go here for the guidelines.

The Philippine Blog Awards will be on September 21, 2008 at One Esplanade, and is generously supported by the following: [UPDATED, 9/17/2008] Continue reading Rachel is my choice!

iPatch is Eleven!

Yesterday, my lovely daughter, iPatch, turned 11. In two years, she will officially be a teenager. How I wish time would stand still.

Patch is a typical big sister. In school, I was told by her teacher that she always volunteers to help in projects and tasks. Here at home, she likes to baby-sit little brother Nate, and break up fights between him and VGood. At times, she teaches V her lessons.

She also has an ongoing affair with books, specifically Nancy Drew books.  Since last year, she has read 20 of the super-sleuth books (she keeps a record). I encouraged her to read because it will greatly help her in her English lessons. Now she knows I was correct. She’s breezing through her English tests.

Patch loves to have fun. She is bubbly, funny, friendly, talkative (too much, i think). She is also smart –  the brains behind certain protests in the past. 😀

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful daughter.


Happy birthday, Dear Patchy. You’re 11 now, but don’t grow up too fast. iMom isn’t ready just yet. I Love you.

Birthday Thoughts

After 30, one stops counting.

I find this true. Because I’ve often had to pause and count when I am asked my age. It is not intentional; I simply really could not recall!

And it’s not just me. I have several friends who get this too. Okay? I’m not getting forgetful. It’s not just me getting forgetful.


Technohub-by surprised me with a birthday gift last week – a Canon SX100 IS. I was hoping for an Acer Aspire One. Or an Asus Eee 901. Or, heck, a diamond ring. (hehe) Oh well… But I am happy with the camera. I love its nifty 10x optical zoom (pang Veronica Mars! Okay, Nancy Drew, for those who don’t know Ms. Mars), and the 2.5 LCD screen. It’s also got a full-manual mode, so I could make photography difficult anytime I want to. 😛

My antique Olympus Mu-100 can finally retire (it’s not even Google-searchable anymore. LOL).

Thank you, hub, for the new toy. Mwah!


If not of my antiquity, birthdays serve to remind me that I am blessed with thoughtful, loving family and friends.

Thank you, dear family and friends, for the beautiful thoughts and wishes. I appreciate them all. 😀

Calling All WordPress Lovers!

*UPDATE, 08/13/08: The list of WordCamp sponsors has been updated. See below.*

It was love at first sight – the moment I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Setting up my blog from scratch took a lot of contemplative time and difficult reading… Yeah, I did the Codex, man. But I loved every bit of the challenge! Once I got past that, almost everything was a breeze. I realized that one doesn’t have to be a techno-freak to figure out WordPress, after all! (or, am I speaking too soon???)

There’s still a lot to learn though – lots of mysterious codes to figure out, tips and tricks to be explored. I’m aware that I haven’t maximized my WP experience yet.

So when I heard that the very first WordCamp in Southeast Asia is happening in the Philippines, I decided I wasn’t going to miss it for ze world!

WordCamp Philippines 2008 is a venue for WP users to learn how-tos and be updated on new developments. Continue reading Calling All WordPress Lovers!

Nate is Two!

Nate turned two years old earlier this month!

He is such a big boy. And by big, I mean BIG. Even our pediatrician noticed how differently big he is from his sisters. His hands, arms, legs, head are so much bigger. And so is his appetite!

As of our last doctor’s visit, Nate weighed 15.3 kilos. That’s still within normal weight range for boys (though quite in the upper limit, hehe). But I don’t suppose it’s time to worry about his weight, is it?

His favorites of the moment:

Toys: ball or anything that resembles one (a grape or longgan will do); a plushy turtle named “Toto”; gun a.k.a. “beya” (goodness! he got a couple of these from my SIL. Glad they’re both broken now, I’m not buying a new one!). Continue reading Nate is Two!