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Asian with a twist at Syd’s Kitchen

Update: This restaurant has closed for business.

Syd’s Kitchen is one of those unassuming eating places on Banawe Street in Quezon City. It’s tiny, with only a few tables. The menu is concise and, at first glance, seemingly unimpressive.

But wait until your orders arrive. Unlike most typical Chinese eating places, Syd’s Kitchen goes to great lengths with presentation. I understood why when I found out that Chef Sydney Sy came from Shangri-La Boracay.

The first time we went there, Syd’s Kitchen was just two months old. So we had to wait patiently for our food to come. I guess by now, the kitchen would have gotten into the groove, and service should be faster already.

These are our favorite appetizers: Savoury Meatballs with tangy dipping sauce (P120); Crunchy Five-spice Pork Rolls with sweetish sauce (P150); and Shrimp Wanton Poppers with tangy peanut-based sauce (P180). Lookie at the shot glasses and bamboo serving boards!

Some of Syd’s Kitchen’s main dishes below, clockwise from left to right:

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The fruitiest Chinese New Year celebration

The mystery-cake saga continues. And everything is set to be revealed tonight!

I got this in the mail last night:

Whats a giant mango doing at SM Mall of Asia?
What's a giant mango doing at SM Mall of Asia?

If you happen to be around SM Mall of Asia later today, or if you want to be part of the biggest Chinese New Year celebration, drop by the Music Hall at SM MOA around 5:30 PM.

The manhunt for the fruitabomber Pulp-X ends there. The mysterious Mr. Ang will most probably make a public statement too. And something pfretty fruity-explosive will be revealed!


Kiong Hee Huat Chai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

All three mean the same, only they’re in three different Chinese languages. The first is in Fookienese, the dialect in the Chinese Fujian/ Fookien Province from which most Filipino-Chinese’ ancestors came.

The second greeting is in Mandarin, the universal Chinese language, also said to be the global language of the future. (So start learning the language now!)

The last one is in Cantonese, the main Chinese dialect in Canton (Southern China) and Hong Kong.

The phrase translates to “I wish you will prosper.”

To all of us, a prosperous Year of the Rabbit!


What are good gifts for the Year of the Rabbit? For women, they will surely appreciate an anti wrinkle cream that works. Anyone would love to look a few years younger.

Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts

Yo, Krispy Kreme fans! There’s something new for you at KK stores all over – the Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme Green Hornet DoughnutsNate looks so delighted! These little surprise deliveries of sweet treats always delight my kids. (His shirt matches the doughnuts, but no, it isn’t a Green Hornet shirt. Guess what it is. :D)

These new glazed doughnuts are bubblegum-flavored with a surprising tinge of mint. The twist is just enough to give a bit of sting. Yep, Green Hornet it is!

Have you gone to see The Green Hornet movie in 3D? We haven’t yet, but we definitely will watch it in the coming days.

Don’t forget to bring along some Krispy Kreme Green Hornet doughnut snacks. This limited edition treat lasts only until February 13, so go get some! 😉


King Chef Restaurant – a potential affair

King Chef Restaurant is one of those food finds on Banawe Street, Quezon City that my family has been going back to lately. It’s a brewing affair, I can feel it.

Reason number one: King Chef Restaurant has a dimsum breakfast promo from 7 AM to 10AM where everything is at P48.00. The dimsum isn’t bad at all. Though I did not like the pork siomai very much, V extremely enjoyed her xiao long bao, Nate the mini-siopao, and Patch the tausi spareribs.

KIng Chef Restaurant Banawe Street Pumpkin soup siopao dimsum

Top to bottom: Mini Siopao with ground meat and egg filling; the unique Pumpkin Congee with quail eggs and whole shrimps; siomai and Pork Spareribs dimsum, mini siopao.

Reason number two: King Chef offers Misua Co (one of hub’s comfort food) and a unique Pumpkin Congee during breakfast.

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Fun, fun, fun at Sandalias Festival 2010

Okay, this blogger was on a roll last weekend, attending two events two days in a row. (That’s kinda rare for me, because drayber duties come first, wifey duties second [second lang oh, haha!], and freelance jobs third; there’s often little time and energy left for events.)

Anyhoo… Last Saturday, I went to the cooking demo where I got the squash pasta recipe.

The following day, Sunday, I trooped down to Trinoma with my two girls for a grand event – the Sandalias Festival 2010.

We were greeted by a very festive and energetic mood,  as guests were treated to nail art, glitter tattoos,  foot massages, and the fun photobooth. Very apt for the theme “Step Into Some Love.”

Patch was in high spirits too, she went and climbed the Rider Wall –

Steps Dance Project did a spectacular dance number showcasing different designs of Ipanema, Ipanema GB, Grendha, and Rider. It was amazing how the footwear, despite being tsinelas, were comfy and flexible enough to be worn with the complicated dance steps the group did! I felt like it was a dance-number-slash-fashion-show.

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