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Star apples, Lolo’s roof and childhood summers

Along with mangoes, the caimito (star apple) is one of my favorite summer fruits.

We bought this bunch, all 6 kilos of them, along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City for P200.00. They sell for P35/kilo, but cheaper when bought by 3 kilos at P100.

Caimitos remind me of childhood summer vacations spent at my grandparents’ home. My Lolo Indong (dad’s dad) is an agriculturist, and he has all sorts of plants and trees in his backyard. The caimito tree by the kitchen is one of our favorites to sungkit caimitos from. If I remember correctly, I think there was another caimito tree by uncle C’s bedroom. My cousins, sisters and I would climb out to the roof and pick the fruits from there.

Aaah, then there was the roof over Lolo‘s piggery. Continue reading Star apples, Lolo’s roof and childhood summers

Bed talk, bird talk and more V Quips

A few recent nights have reminded me that bedtime is the best time for priceless moments and senseless talk with my kids.

One night the talk turned tender… To tenders, in fact. Blame it on too much cartoons, Nate has a a Kungfu Panda way of thinking whenever he hears the word “tenders”.

Me: Achi* ate chicken tenders for meryenda kanina.

Nate: Oooh, my tenders!

Patch: What?? Ma, what are chicken tenders made of?

Me (makapang-asar lang): Tenders of chicken!

Patch: *grossed out* x_x

After that, the kids spent a good few minutes shadow boxing. The girls’ hand-shadows *punched* Nate as he pretended to either evade or get hurt with the punches. Teehee. Kaaliw sila.

*Achi is Fookienese way of calling the eldest sister in the family.


If V has witty quips, Nate seems to have his own thing going too…

Nate: Ma, boys have bird ba?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Papa has bird?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Same size ba bird namin?

Where in the world do kids get these questions???????


Of course, I’ll never run out of V quips. Here are her latest. Continue reading Bed talk, bird talk and more V Quips

Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

I finally had a reunion date with my childhood BFF, Padma, whom I’ve not seen since the 1986 EDSA Revolution. I had to use a calculator to count – 24 years! We set the date at Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo, a newly opened fine dining restaurant at the top of Session Road, right below SM City.

Hill Station is in one of the oldest buildings in Baguio, Casa Vallejo. I’m trying to go back as far as I can remember, and back then (wasn’t too long ago, heh!), Casa Vallejo housed a dance studio, some government offices, as well as the hotel. I’m not too sure if the hotel was still operational then. (I was too young to care.) Sadly, through the years, the building was neglected.

Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo Baguio CIty

So it was great news to me when I heard Casa Vallejo was being restored and relaunched as a boutique hotel, and that a wonderful restaurant would soon open there -Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo.

Okay, I’m lost now. Back to the reunion date… Continue reading Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

V’s Making a List…

And checking it twice…


four times…

One afternoon, as soon as we arrived at home from school, V got one of her old notebooks and began scribbling some stuff. I really wasn’t paying attention.

All through the evening, she kept going back to her scribbles. I got curious, of course. So nosy iMom decided to check it out…

This is my 8-year old daughter’s attempt at time management and organization. Not bad eh? Take note: “Aral for tests tomorrow.” Also: under “study list”, all boxes are ticked. *proud mama moment* 😀

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Cherished Christmases of My Childhood

This week’s question at Julie’s GreenBucks is:

What special Christmas memories do you still cherish as the years pass by?

No matter how exhausting the Christmas season is (both for the body and the pocket!), I still look forward to celebrating it. What I look forward to most is going home to celebrate Christmas Day with my parents, my sisters and their families. (Home means Baguio City.) It’s a great time to reminisce past Christmases. Some of my most cherished memories:

Lolo Indong (dad’s dad) would always give all his grandchildren a Christmas envelope. My earliest memory of the envelope was it had an orange bill inside (Php20.00). Later, Lolo increased our gifts to 50, and then, during his last years, to 100 pesos.

It was always exciting when Lolo gave out the envelopes ala-awards night style. There was much cajoling in the background, as parents chide their child to do a number for Lolo before taking the envelope. Ah, those were the days… Lolo is one of the most generous and loving persons I know, despite being misunderstood as “grinchy” by outsiders. I suddenly miss him. 🙂 Continue reading Cherished Christmases of My Childhood