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In the (Lunch) Box – Part 3

Today my hub and kids had to bring different lunches to school. Patch, who is still nursing a little bit of pain from her braces adjustment last Saturday, wanted something soft and easy.

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Weekly Question – On Sunday Specials

I’m almost late (as always) with this last week’s WQ at Julie’s Greenbucks.

What are the special things that you look forward to every Sunday?

Sunday is family day.  Everybody in my family looks forward to it since it really is the only day for us to (for the most part) relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I look forward to –

-the dimsum/congee breakfast either at Gloria Maris or in one of our favorite teahouses at Binondo.

-playing badminton with Hub and Patch. Patch was selected to represent her class in the badminton games for the school intramurals, so we play every Sunday to help her practice. It’s a welcome activity since Hub needs to lose some weight himself!

-doing the groceries. It’s therapeutic for me (and probably for millions of other women out there).

-blogging/plurking away, or, if I’m too lazy…

-sleeping off the whole afternoon. This is one luxury I can only afford on Sundays!

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In The (Lunch) Box – Part 2


Today is week 2 for the Filipino Mom Blog‘s Lunch Box Meme.

My husband and kids are having pork patties in brown garlic sauce for lunch. (I had this for breakfast! 😀 )

Ground pork is a staple baon item in our household because of its many possibilities!

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What’s In The Box?

Lunch box, that is…

Care to share?

The mommies of the Filipino Mom Blog have come up with monthly themed memes. All Tuesdays this November, we are doing the Lunch Box Meme.

Mommies and wifeys, show us what’s in the lunch boxes of your kiddos and hubs!

All you have to do is take photos of the baons you prepare for your kids and/or husbands (in my case, both). Post them on your blog, along with some description. The recipe would even be better! Every Tuesday, there’s going to be an anchor post on FMB, where you can leave a comment so we can visit each other.

Because it is sooo easy to run out of lunch box ideas, this meme is a great way to share and discover new things. It gives us a chance to put on a different hat and explore other lunch ideas. I hope YOU join us.

Don’t forget – first round starts this Tuesday, November 11th. I can’t wait to see what’s in your box!

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