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Fab Holiday Finds – Something Green

It’s week 5, and we’re playing anything red and/or green

I’m in Baguio City for the Christmas holidays, and it should be very apt if I post something from this Great Big Ukay H(e)aven.

My sis, the undisputed Ukay Queen of the family, helped me find this –

A huge Arnold Palmer green tote, at a wonderful price of Php150.00! Though an Ukay item, the bag is still in excellent condition, including the zips and the linings. 

Oh yeah, we also found an Agnes B. document bag that seems big and sturdy enough to hold my laptop! Also priced at Php150.00. I am so loving my ukay finds… Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – Something Green

Fab Holiday Finds – White


I kinda had a hard time looking for something white. So my post isn’t really pure white. But it’s till quite fabulous.

Some time in October, I found myself wandering through the stalls at the Big Tent Bazaar. (As if I was zapped into the place by aliens, no? 😀 LOL) It was this shopping expedition, albeit a solo flight, that launched my holiday shopping this year.

I found lots of good-priced sale items there, including clothes, silk ties, fashion jewelry and the fabo clutch bag below. It’s a 12-inch zebra-print clutch with blue patent accents. The inside is lined with hot pink canvas. I got this for under P200.00 (of course, haggling skills came to the rescue). *insert banana-rock emoticon here* Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – White

Cherished Christmases of My Childhood

This week’s question at Julie’s GreenBucks is:

What special Christmas memories do you still cherish as the years pass by?

No matter how exhausting the Christmas season is (both for the body and the pocket!), I still look forward to celebrating it. What I look forward to most is going home to celebrate Christmas Day with my parents, my sisters and their families. (Home means Baguio City.) It’s a great time to reminisce past Christmases. Some of my most cherished memories:

Lolo Indong (dad’s dad) would always give all his grandchildren a Christmas envelope. My earliest memory of the envelope was it had an orange bill inside (Php20.00). Later, Lolo increased our gifts to 50, and then, during his last years, to 100 pesos.

It was always exciting when Lolo gave out the envelopes ala-awards night style. There was much cajoling in the background, as parents chide their child to do a number for Lolo before taking the envelope. Ah, those were the days… Lolo is one of the most generous and loving persons I know, despite being misunderstood as “grinchy” by outsiders. I suddenly miss him. 🙂 Continue reading Cherished Christmases of My Childhood

Fab Holiday Finds – My Orange Tree and Lesson #585


It’s week 1 for the Filipino Mom Blog‘s Fab Holiday Finds meme. Everyone is invited to join – just share your holiday shopping finds, whatever they may be. More on the mechanics here.

This year I decided to make orange my Christmas tree theme. So yesterday, when my sis, niece and I went on a Divisoria expedition, I got some orange poinsettias and orange tree balls. I love the prettifying effect they had on my tree. Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – My Orange Tree and Lesson #585

Fab Holiday Finds

Time flew by so fast. It’s already December tomorrow!

Before we know it, we will already be cleaning up the post-Christmas dinner disaster that will probably hit our homes. (Well, at least in our family home in Baguio, that’s the way it is post-Noche Buena. Tons of gift wrappers to throw, piles of pots and pans to wash!)

To welcome the Holidays, the Filipino Mom Blog is hosting a meme – Fab Holiday Finds. Please check out the mechanics at the FMB. First round-up starts on Tuesday, Dec 2nd. We hope you could join us!

Feel free to grab the badge!


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